UCID: Your Unique UC Identifier

The University of Cincinnati takes very seriously its responsibility to safeguard student records and identification privacy. To enhance your identity security, UC has a unique identifier for each individual at the University known as the UCID.

Please use this page to answer your questions about the UCID.

What is a UCID?

The UCID is your student identification number.

The UCID is a nine–character identifier. All UCIDs begin with the letter “M” followed by eight numbers (for example, “M00345678”). Your UCID may have a zero ("0") as one of its characters but it will never have the letter "O" as in "Ohio". The first character "M" is the only letter in the UCID.

How do I get my UCID?

Log in to the Get My UCID online utility. Enter the requested information and click “submit.”

How do I use my UCID?

Your instructors know you by your name and UCID. So use your UCID on written class exams, bluebook submissions and term papers.

Use your UCID for Scantron exams.

When you stop by or call Enrollment Services, your college, or any other UC office, identify yourself using your UCID.

Do I use my UCID to log into Catalyst, Canopy, or My UC Email?

No. Your UCID will not work when logging into Catalyst, Canopy, or UC student email. You use your username to log into any of the systems at UC. If you are uncertain about what your username is, use the Get My UCID utility. Enter the requested information and click “submit”.

So I have two UC identification numbers—the UCID and the username to login online?

No. Your UCID is your true “student identifier”. The UCID represents you and protects your identity as you conduct your day-to-day business as a UC student. The UCID identifies you for your instructors on their class rosters and on your exams. When you visit or call your college or any UC administrative office, you will provide your UCID so that office’s personnel can open your individual records. Your UCID will be linked to your class schedule, to your tuition and fees bill, parking permits, library access, your grades, grade point average and transcript — to all of your UC academic and administrative records.

Put simply, the UCID is how UC faculty and administrators will know that the person asking for information or assistance actually is you.

Your “username” is simply that: it is a “name” that you will use for a limited purpose. The username is a UC online service access code only. You will enter both your “username” and a password to log into Catalyst, UC student e-mail, and Canopy. The username is not your student identifier for interacting with UC faculty and staff for your day-to-day student business. You will not present the username when interacting with your instructors, your college advisors or UC administrative offices.

What if I forget my UCID or password?

You can use the Get My UC Username and Forgot My UC Password utilities that are found on IT@UC's UC Username & Password page.

Will I ever use my Social Security Number at UC?

Yes. Due to U.S. Government regulations, certain UC processes always will require you to provide your Social Security Number as identification. These include (but are not limited to) financial aid, student employment and debt collection.