Retroactive Certification of University of Cincinnati Degree

With respect to requests for degree certification following a period of separation from University of Cincinnati, the following policy and procedure will apply:

  1. A former student must apply for a degree and must pay the current, nonrefundable, graduation fee to initiate the degree certification review process.
  2. A formal review of degree requirement completion will be undertaken no more than ten years after the student’s last term of enrollment at UC (limitation pending college approval and may be reduced at the college’s discretion).
  3. Degree completion will be posted to the academic record in the term when the last program requirement was completed. The entry will be annotated to reflect the date when the retroactive degree completion was entered to the academic record.
  4. Students whose coursework does not fulfill degree requirements or whose case exceeds the statute of limitation for review will be advised by the college regarding those current programs that the student may pursue that more closely match his or her previously completed coursework.