Transfer Credit Appeals

All students have the right to appeal their transfer credit award. The Transfer Credit Appeal form is used to appeal a credit equivalency posted to a student's account and should be completed by the student.

Appeal Process

Students have until the end of their first term of enrollment to appeal posted transfer credit. Appeals must be submitted no more than 120 days after the initial transfer credit evaluation was provided.

  1. Consult your academic advisor prior to submitting the appeal.
  2. Submit the online Transfer Credit Appeal Form (found below). Within the form you will be provided space to attach any supporting documentation necessary to support your rationale.
  3. Credit Evaluation staff will consult with the appropriate faculty and college personnel to determine the outcome of your appeal.
  4. You will receive the final decision of your appeal within 30 days.

Should I submit a Transfer Credit Appeal?

You may submit a Transfer Credit Appeal...

  • When there is disagreement with awarded transfer equivalency.
  • To submit additional course information for reconsideration of block credit. Block credit will only be reconsidered when additional information pertaining to the course (e.g. course syllabus) is provided with the appeal.

Do not submit a Transfer Credit Appeal if you need...

  • To request course substitutions toward your degree program requirements.
  • To notify University staff of data entry errors on your evaluation.

In either of these situations, please contact your academic advisor. They will be able to assist you in resolving these concerns.

Transfer Credit Appeal Form

If you have any questions after submitting an appeal, please email us at