Posthumous Degree Policy

A request to award a posthumous degree may be initiated by the deceased student’s family to the student’s college (contact the Office of the Dean for the appropriate college) or by a representative of the college.

Posthumous Degree Procedure

  1. The college will review the student's record to determine
    1. If the student was enrolled at the time of death or was an active–duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces, federal military reserve forces, or National Guard;
    2. If at least 80% of the program requirements had been met by the student; and
    3. If the deceased student’s cause of death was not due to any unlawful activity by the student.
  2. Finding all conditions to be met, the college will submit a formal recommendation to the Senior Vice President and Provost.
  3. If approved, the Senior Vice President and Provost will notify the University Registrar to add the degree to the student’s academic record.
  4. The University Registrar will record the degree and order the diploma. Separately, an entry will be made to the student’s academic record indicating that the record has been sealed at the student’s death.
  5. The diploma will be presented to the family by the appropriate college official.