Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) Program

The Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) Program consists of modules and electives to prepare students for University at various Approved Teaching Centers (ATC) around the world.

Official GAC transcripts must be sent from to the University of Cincinnati for transfer credit consideration.

GAC Award Key

These are the current GAC exams accepted for credit at UC and their UC course equivalencies.
Test Code Examination UC Course Equivalent BoK*
GAC005 Computing I: Introduction to Computing for Academic Study MLTI 1000 BLOCK  
GAC006 Business, Science, Social Science, and Psychology I: Communication Skills COM 1000 BLOCK  
GAC010 Mathematics II: Probability, Statistics, and Finance MATH 1008  
GAC011 Computing II: Data Management IT 1001C  
GAC012 Business II: Business Studies MGMT 1000 BLOCK  
GAC014 Academic English III: Listening and Speaking Skills ESL 1072  
GAC015 Academic English III: Reading and Writing Skills ESL 1070  
GAC016 Mathematics III: Calculus and Advanced Applications MATH 1044  
GAC017 Computing III: Digital Communication IT 1040C  
GAC022 Business III: International Business Studies INTB 1000 BLOCK DC
GAC023 Science III: General Science SCI 1000 BLOCK NS
GAC027 Social Science II: Identity and Interaction in Society SOC 1001 P1  
GAC028 Social Science III: Research Skills and Global Issues SOC 1001 P2  

*Please refer to the Breadth of Knowledge (BoK) Definitions page for more information.

GAC Exams Ineligible for Credit

The following GAC exams are ineligible for credit at UC.

  • GAC001 (Academic English I: Listening and Speaking Skills)
  • GAC002 (Academic English I: Reading and Writing Skills)
  • GAC003 (Study Skills for Independent Learning)
  • GAC004 (Mathematics I: Fundamentals)
  • GAC007 (Academic English II: Listening and Speaking Skills)
  • GAC008 (Academic English II: Reading and Writing Skills)
  • GAC013 (Science II: Scientific Principles)
  • GAC019 (IELTS™ Preparation Skills)
  • GAC024 (Discrete Mathematics)
  • GAC025 (TOEFL® Preparation Skills)
  • GAC026 (ACT® Preparation Skills)
  • GAC029 (Psychology II: Introduction to Psychology)
  • GAC030 (Psychology III: Research Skills in Psychology)

Past GAC Award Key