Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions and Answers

Adding Classes

Instructions for adding classes can be found on the Registration How to Guide. Students may also want to review the Video Tutorials for further help.

You will want to review the information found on our Visiting Students page and complete the Basic Data Form found there. The Visiting Students page will walk you through the process of becoming a nondegree-seeking student at UC and registering for classes.

At the end of the semester, you can request a transcript to be sent back to your home school. Make sure your final grade is posted before ordering your transcript.

If you need additional assistance, the Transfer & Transition Advising Center is happy to help!

There are a couple reasons this might happen.

  • Check to see if you already have this section in your Enrollment Shopping Cart. If so, continue enrolling from there. This is the most common reason.
  • The section may be set to not allow further enrollment. Clicking on either the class number or section number in the class search will bring up the section details. If the Status says Stop Further Enrollment, the college is no longer allowing students to register for that section.

Access to enrollment is based off of something called Term Activation. Students who have not registered for any classes within the past three terms are not automatically term activated. You will need to reach out to your home college in order to be term activated.

Non-matriculated (visiting) students, will need to submit a new Basic Data Form.

Students with a submitted graduation application are prevented from registering in subsequent semesters. If you no longer plan to graduate, you will need to contact your home college.

Transfer credit must be updated in Catalyst for Catalyst to recognize the credit as meeting a requisite. Since the Office of the Registrar doesn't process transfer credit, you will need to check with either the Office of Admissions or Pathways Advising to see the status of your credit evaluation.

Office of Admissions

Transfer & Transition Advising Center

Unfortunately, Catalyst only looks at prior-term registration to determine if you've passed the requisites for a class. If the requisite was taken in the same term, you will need to obtain permission to register. Instructions for requesting permission are found on our Class Permission Requests page.

You do not need to enroll in the same course if you are finishing coursework in an Incomplete-graded class from a previous semester. Your instructor should be able to grant you access to the course materials.

Dropping or Withdrawing From Classes

Instructions for dropping or withdrawing from classes can be found on the Registration How to Guide under "How do I drop or withdraw from classes?"

First, make sure you are reading all of the information provided on the second page. Check to see if the top of the page says, "1a. Module Classes require Attention/Drop Affirm."

If it does, then the class or classes listed on this page are being taught in a future session. The Bursar's Office needs to know if you intend on staying enrolled in these future–dated classes.

Rest assured that Catalyst knows that you still want to drop the original class you selected on the first screen, but you will need to answer the question on this screen before you can complete that transaction.

If you wish to remain in the class(es) listed, select "Yes - I plan to attend" from the drop–down menu next to each class. If you wish to drop the class(es) listed, select "No - Drop this class" instead.

Once you have made your selection(s), click the "Continue" hyperlink. You will then see any classes you have selected to drop—including the original class from the first screen—on this page. Click "Finish Dropping" to confirm.

Double–check your enrollment to make sure your schedule is correct.

Drop and withdraw deadlines can be found in Catalyst. You will want to go to View My Schedule within the My Academics tile and click on the calendar icon next to each class. Keep in mind, the dates and deadlines for each class may be different. While we do produce Dates and Deadlines Calendars for standardized sessions, checking the dates in Catalyst is the only way to view these dates for Flex Session Classes. If for some reason these dates are not showing, please reach out to our office at

Viewing My Schedule

More than likely, your class is being taught online. You can double–check this by seeing if the Campus states "Web - Online" and the Instruction Mode states "DL 100%" which means Distance Learning. If you were hoping for an in–person class, you will want to search for a new class and/or reach out to your academic advisor for assistance in finding an alternative.

A class section marked as “asynchronous” is a class that does not have any specified meeting days and times.

An online class can be either “synchronous” or “asynchronous.”  

In online synchronous classes, students and instructors are online at the same scheduled days and times, just as if they were meeting in a brick–and–mortar classroom. An example of an online synchronous class is a live lecture that is streamed to students over the web.

Asynchronous online courses are just the opposite to synchronous classes. Asynchronous classes do not require you to log in to your virtual classroom at a specified time.    

Enrollment Appointments

Enrollment Appointments are granted in compliance with the Early Registration Appointments for Continuing Students Policy. Due to FERPA regulations, we cannot comment on why another student may have an earlier time.

If you have recently transferred credit hours from another institution, and believe you deserve an earlier enrollment appointment time, please contact your advisor.

First, make sure that you need an Add/Drop Form. Many registration transactions are able to be processed by students in Catalyst with a special permission. Review the Registration How to Guide to find out how to process your intended registration transaction.

If you do need an Add/Drop Form, note that the form is able to be signed electronically, eliminating the need to print it. Instructions indicating how to electronically sign forms are found at the bottom of the Add/Drop Form page.

You will want to download a copy of the form directly to your device. Make sure that it opens in either Adobe Acrobat Pro or Reader, not in a web browser. Digital signature functionality is only available when the form is opened in these applications.

Wait Lists

As seats open up, the wait list engine will place waitlisted students into the class. The wait list engine does not process in real time, so it is possible to see an open seat but not be enrolled in the class until a couple of hours later.

Catalyst checks for open seats in waitlisted classes every hour on the hour. In this time, another student is not able to jump in front of a student who is already on the wait list.

This class has an active wait list, and Catalyst will not allow a student to jump ahead of any students on that wait list. You can place yourself on the wait list to see if another seat opens up in the class at a later time.

While we cannot determine if a seat will ever become available, you may want to double–check that there aren't any other reasons preventing you from being registered from the wait list. If you are enrolled in another section of the same class or another class that meets at that same time, make sure you set up your wait list registration by using the Swap functionality. Otherwise, Catalyst won't know that you wish to drop that class if a wait list seat becomes available.

Catalyst Error Messages and How to Fix Them

If you received an error when adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a class, you should be able to find that error—and the solution—below.

There are a few different reasons you may receive this error.

  • Make sure that you have typed in the correct five–digit class number.
  • If the class number is correct, double–check if the class is in your Shopping Cart. If it is, you will need to continue registering from the Shopping Cart.
  • If you withdrew from a class and are trying to re–enroll, you will need to follow the Re–enrolling in a Class directions found on the How to Guide.

There are currently no open seats available in this class. If possible, select another section. Alternatively, you may submit a Class Permissions Request to the college offering the class. Please note that this process does not guarantee a seat as it is up to the college whether or not they can accommodate overenrollment in a class.

Dropping this class would put you below the minimum required credit hours. If you are an international student, you will need to contact the International Studies office for approval. If you are not an international student, you will need to contact your advisor for assistance.

Either select another class or section, or follow the instructions for Enrolling With a Time Conflict found on the Registration How to Guide.

Double–check the requisites listed in the description section of the class information to see all of the requisites for this class. If you would like to request that these requirements be waived, submit a Class Permission Request to the offering college.

Adding this class would exceed the maximum number of units allowed for this term. If this is your intention, your advisor will need to update your maximum credit hour limit. Additional fees will be assessed for hours over 18 for most colleges.

Either you do not have an early registration appointment and open enrollment has not yet started, or the open enrollment window has closed.

If open enrollment has not yet started, you will need to wait until that date to enroll.

If open enrollment has closed, submit a Class Permission Request to the college offering the class to request a late registration.

There are several holds that prevent registration. Double–check your To Do items found on the Tasks tile in Catalyst. Information on the specific hold(s) on your account can be found there as well as instructions for getting the hold on your account released.

Components are the different instruction modes (e.g., LE for lecture, LB for lab, and SE for seminar). If a second component is available, select one and continue registering. If not, it is possible that the college hasn't completed ordering their classes. Please email, and we can help you research the issue.

This class requires department consent. Submit a Class Permission Request to the college offering the class for approval to add via Catalyst.

This class requires department consent. Submit a Class Permission Request to the college offering the class for approval to add via Catalyst.

Open Enrollment (Online Registration) has ended for this class. Submit a Class Permission Request for approval to add via Catalyst.

Seats in this class are either reserved for a Learning Community or a specific group of students. If possible, select another section. Unused seats may be released close to the beginning of the term, but this isn't guaranteed.

In order to add a Flex Session class after the last date to enroll, follow the Flex Session registration instructions.

In order to withdraw from a Flex Session class after the last date to drop, follow the Flex Session registration instructions.

Email to check the status of your residency. Please note that you may be required to submit an application.