Registration Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the hold that was placed on your account. You can view any holds on your account from the Tasks tile from your Student Homepage in Catalyst. Instructions for clearing each hold will be listed there.

You will want to follow the instructions outlined on the Class Permissions Procedures page. It will be up to the college offering the class as to whether or not they will grant you permission to add the class without the appropriate requisites. If a permission is given, you will be able to add the class via Catalyst.

The only way to override a time conflict is for the Office of the Registrar to add the class for you via an Add/Drop Form. Please refer to the Time Conflict instructions outlined in the Registration How to Guide under Add/Drop Form Registration for specific instructions.

This message means that online enrollment for this class has closed. You will want to consult the Registration How to Guide to see how you can register for the class. Whether you need to obtain a permission or get an Add/Drop Form completed will depend on the session in which the class is being offered and how late in the term you are attempting to register.

You probably have already placed this section in your Enrollment Shopping Cart. Double–check to see if the section is in your Enrollment Shopping Cart. If so, you will just need to enroll from there. If not, that section may be set to not allow further enrollment. You will be able to see this as the Status if you click on either the class number or section number in the class search.

Access to enrollment is based off of something called Term Activation. Students who have not registered for any classes within the past three terms are not automatically term activated. You will need to reach out to your home college in order to be term activated. If you are a non-matriculated (visiting) student, you will need to submit a new Basic Data Form.

Drop and withdraw deadlines can be found in Catalyst. You will want to go to View My Schedule within the My Academics tile and click on the calendar icon next to each class. Keep in mind, the dates and deadlines for each class may be different. While we do produce Dates and Deadlines Calendars for standardized sessions, checking the dates in Catalyst is the only way to view these dates for Flex Session Classes. If for some reason these dates are not showing, please reach out to our office at

More than likely, your class is being taught online. You can double–check this by seeing if the Campus states "Web - Online" and the Instruction Mode states "DL 100%" which means Distance Learning. If you were hoping for an in–person class, you will want to search for a new class and/or reach out to your academic advisor for assistance in finding an alternative.

Unfortunately, the Office of the Registrar doesn't process transfer credit. You would need to check with either the Office of Admissions or Pathways Advising to see the status of your credit evaluation.

Office of Admissions

Pathways Advising