Military Withdrawal and Readmittance

Withdrawals Due to Deployment

If you are called to active duty during the semester, the first thing you should do is inform your instructor(s) and contact the Veterans Programs & Services Office. Please send a copy of your orders to help expedite the process. Veterans Programs & Services will assist students who would like to continue their studies during a term in which they have been called to active duty.

If you enlist in military service and choose to withdraw, you should refer to the Dates & Deadlines Calendar for the term and class(es) from which you are withdrawing.

The policy regarding students called to active duty or who enlist in the military service is set forth in rule 3361:40-40-1 of the Ohio Administrative Code and also in paragraph (B)(2) of rule 3361:20-31-05 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

Readmission Upon Return From Deployment

In alignment with Chapter 3, Volume 2 of the Federal Student Aid Handbook, any previously admitted service member or reservist in good academic standing may return to the University of Cincinnati at the same level and same academic program provided they had not been academically dismissed. Returning students will be reenrolled with the same enrollment status, number of completed credit hours, and academic standing as the last academic semester of attendance.