Industry Recognized Credential Transfer Assurance Guides (ITAGs)


The University of Cincinnati awards direct credit for select ITAGs. Your credential must be current (i.e., not expired) in order to receive credit.

In addition to filling out the form, you must also attach an appropriate credential that correlates to an approved ITAG course as defined on the Ohio Department of Higher Education website. The ODHE website explains what credential needs to be submitted along with this form.

Current Approved ITAGs

Submit either of the following credentials to be awarded credit for MET 1072C & EGTN 1025C.

  • Autodesk Certified Associate or Professional
  • SOLIDWORKS Associate or Professional

Submit your Child Development Associate (CDA) to be awarded ECE 1001 & ECE 1020 credit.

Submit your CompTIA Network+ to be awarded IT 1080C credit.

Submit Your ITAG

The Credit Evaluation team will verify the credential that you have submitted for authenticity and—once verified—will award the appropriate credit associated with that credential.