Career-Technical Assurance Guides (CTAGs)

The State of Ohio has policies and procedures to ensure that students can transfer agreed–upon technical courses at adult career–technical education institutions or secondary career–technical education institutions without unnecessary duplication or institutional barriers.

How Credit Is Awarded

Effective Fall 2019, verification for most CTAG coursework will automatically be sent to the University of Cincinnati via the state's CTAV database.

If you are a new UC student starting in the fall, it may take until the beginning of Fall Semester for credit to be visible in your Catalyst student account.

Missing Credit

If you are missing credit, we need the following items to evaluate your career technical credit for transfer:

  • Ohio State Student Identifier Number (SSID). (Note: This is not your SSN or UCID/M#.)
  • Current UC student status
  • CTAG course information

If we are unable to verify your CTAG credit on the CTAV database, a representative from the career/technical center that you attended must send a signed CTAG verification form to

For more information on career technical credit transfer, please visit the Ohio Department of Higher Education's website.