Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawing From Classes

Alterations to the student's schedule involving the addition of one or more classes, changes in class sections, or changes in credit status, may be submitted by logging in to the University's student information system, Catalyst.

Please visit the Registration How to Guide for videos and information on how to navigate the enrollment process.

The University of Cincinnati offers classes in multiple sessions within any given full academic semester. Please consult the semester–specific Dates and Deadlines Calendar for that term to determine registration procedures and deadlines.

To process a registration change, students should be aware of the following policies:

  • Alterations to the student's schedule involving the addition of one or more classes, class section changes, credit hour changes, and/or dropping a class, may be processed by logging into Catalyst.
  • Some classes may be closed but are currently accepting students on a waitlist.
  • Students may be denied initial registration into a class due to course requirements or deadlines. Registration for such classes require an exception/permission to be processed. Class permissions are processed by department/college/advising staff to allow students to register for classes via Catalyst.
  • Students who add credit hours over 18 will be charged additional fees for those excess hours. In addition, the credit hours over 18 must be dropped by the drop deadline (noted in the Dates and Deadlines Calendar) in order to have 100% of the charge for the excess hours removed.
  • After the 100% refund deadline (noted in the Dates and Deadlines Calendar), students may withdraw from classes through web registration if the instructor permits web withdrawals (refer to the instructor's class syllabus). Students and instructors both will receive email notification of the withdrawal. Students are assigned a "WT" grade at the time of the withdrawal, but instructors reserve the right to change the "W" to an "F" through the final grading process.