Requesting Army Tuition Assistance (TA)

Step 1: Create Your ArmyIgnitED Account

Click the button below then click Login. This will register your Common Access Card (CAC) to ArmyIgnitED.

The student portal dashboard will show:

  • funding remaining for the FY
  • approved education goal
  • credits remaining to complete the approved education goal
  • holds
  • messages
  • Education Center contact information

Soldiers should update their personal information by clicking on My Profile at the upper right–hand side of the dashboard.

Step 2: Create an Education Goal

Click on Education Goals on the left–side menu or Create New Goal near the bottom of the homepage.

  1. Select Education Goal Type (e.g., associates or bachelors)
  2. Select Academic Institution (University of Cincinnati)
  3. Select Degree Program (e.g., Business Administration or Mechanical Engineering)
  4. Upload Degree Plan as a PDF document
    • this is the list of all courses required to obtain your degree
    • contact your academic advisor at UC if you need help obtaining this
  5. Submit Education Goal

Step 3: Request Tuition Assistance

  1. From ArmyIgnitED Dashboard, locate Active Education Goals and then select Apply for Funding.
  2. Verify Contact Information:
    1. If information needs to be updated, select  the yellow pencil icon next to the designated area
    2. If all information is correct, click Verify and Proceed
  3. Acknowledge the User Agreement
    1. Read fully
    2. Check ALL boxes to agree to the conditions
    3. Click I Agree, Continue
  4. Verify current Education Center
  5. Verify Education Institution is correct
    1. Ensure correct Campus is selected
    2. Input Institutional Student ID (this is your UCID/M#)
    3. Click Next
  6. Select correct Start and End Dates. If dates are not listed, click on Different Term Dates, input correct dates, then click Next.
  7. Click Add Course
    • NOTE: UC has added courses into ArmyIgnitED, so the courses will be displayed on your screen. Courses can be searched by Subject and/or by Keyword.
    • NOTE: If you cannot find your course, email, so we can add it for you.
  8. If needed, add another course by clicking Add Course.
  9. Once finished, click Submit.
  10. You will see a confirmation that your TA request has been submitted. Click Print TA Request and print to PDF.
  11. Email PDF of TA Request to the Bursar's Office (

Please review these detailed instructions if you would like to see screenshots of the above process.

Important Notes

  • Soldiers may submit Tuition Assistance Requests (TARs) within ArmyIgnitED up to 60 days before the class start date but must submit the requests no later than 14 days prior to the class start date.
  • All TARs must be approved prior to the start date of the course.
  • Soldiers must request TA in the ArmyIgnitED portal prior to registering with their Academic Institution (AI) for classes. If they are unable to register with their AI due to being waitlisted, they should still request TA in the portal for the waitlisted course no later than seven days from the course start date. If they do not get a course seat, they can then cancel the course in the portal with no cost. If they do not get into the original course but are offered another course, Soldiers can seek assistance from a counselor to have their original course information updated. Counselors can update TARs in the system, except for course start date.

Finding Your Ed Counselor

All Soldiers are assigned to an education center which can be viewed from the ArmyIgnitED dashboard on the upper right of the homepage screen. Soldiers can also message their Army Education Center using the “Messages” function within the ArmyIgnitED account.