What Happens After Commencement?

You submitted your graduation application, you finished your final exams, and you walked across the stage at Commencement. What happens next? This page outlines the degree certification process, how to provide proof of graduation, and when you can expect to receive CeCredentials and ceremonial diplomas.

When will my degree be certified?

Spring Semester 2024 Degrees

Spring Semester 2024 degrees will be certified on May 15, 2024.

After you've finished your classes, taken your exams, and crossed the stage at Commencement, there are a few more things that need to happen before your degree is certified.

  1. Your instructors need to submit all of your final grades. Faculty members typically have until 5 p.m. on the Wednesday after exam week to enter grades in Catalyst. 
  2. Your college checks that all of your degree requirements have been met. Then they notify the Registrar's Office.
  3.  The Registrar's Office posts your degree to your record, certifying your degree.

The Registrar’s Office will be certifying degrees for Spring Semester 2024 Graduates on May 15, 2024.

Students will receive an email at their UC email account with confirmation of degree certification. If a student does not receive a confirmation email of their degree certification—and does not have a degree when they check degree status in Catalyst after May 15, 2024—they will need to reach out to their academic advisor.

My degree was certified. How do I show proof of this accomplishment?

Congratulations! You can verify your degree in various ways. Providing your CeCredential is the best way to provide proof of your degree, however it can take six–eight weeks after Commencement for your CeCredential to be available for download and Ceremonial Diploma to be shipped.

Because of this processing time, we provide graduates with two other options to utilize in the meantime. An official transcript or an official degree verification letter will provide verification of your degree. Typically, educational institutions will requre an official transcript. Third–party requestors—such as employers or insurance companies—may be okay with the official degree verification letter.

The day after degrees are certified, you can check your degree status via Catalyst, download an unofficial transcript, or download a degree verification letter. An unofficial transcript should not be used to verify your degree, but it can be used by you to make sure your degree has been posted. Students should not order an official transcript until after degree status is confirmed. Once you have verified that your degree has been posted, you can order an official transcript.

Additionally, we report degrees to the National Student Clearinghouse. Roughly two weeks after degrees are certified, third parties may request verification of your degree from them. This is the typical method that employers use to verify your degree.

How do I show proof that I completed a minor?

Graduates who earn a minor credential do not receive a hard copy of this credential as it cannot be earned separate from your degree. This credential will, however, be found on your official University of Cincinnati transcript.

What's the difference between my degree, my CeCredential, and my ceremonial diploma?

Your Degree

A degree is the credential you earn after completing the requirements for your academic program (e.g., an associate, bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree). A few examples of degrees are: an Associate of Applied Science, a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Arts, or a Doctor of Philosophy.

Your CeCredential

Your CeCredential is an official, secure and verifiable PDF version of your accomplishment! This is an official document that you may share an unlimited amount of times with family, friends, employers, and social media. It provides proof of your education (degree or certificate) with only the important details, so it is simple for employers to read, understand, and verify. All University of Cincinnati graduates automatically receive a CeCredential.

Your Ceremonial Diploma

A ceremonial diploma is a paper version of your diploma that you may wish to frame and hang on your wall. Ceremonial diplomas are not used to officially verify your accomplishment and are intended to be used as framed memorabilia. All University of Cincinnati graduates automatically receive a ceremonial diploma.

Your Ceremonial Certificate

A ceremonial certificate is a paper version of your certificate that you may wish to frame and hang on your wall (note: this is not for degree programs e.g., bachelor's, master's, doctoral). Ceremonial certificates are not used to officially verify your accomplishment and are intended to be used as framed memorabilia. You must order a ceremonial certificate if you would like one.

Current grads who would like to order a ceremonial (paper) certificate can order one for $5.30 to cover printing costs.

Order Your Ceremonial Certificate

When will I receive my CeCredential?

CeDiplomas will be available for download six–eight weeks after commencement (end of June 2024). You will receive an email to your UC email with a link to download your credential when it is available from our trusted partner, CeCredential Trust®. To request a new download link, please use the CeCredential Trust site to resend the link. CeDiplomas CANNOT be expedited.

When will I receive my ceremonial diploma?

It takes six–eight weeks after Commencement for your CeCredential to be available for download and Ceremonial Diploma to be shipped. You will receive an email to your UC email address with shipping updates. Ceremonial Diploma arrival time is dependent on the carrier, so we are unable to provide an exact date for delivery.

Important: Your Ceremonial Diploma will be sent to the Diploma Mailing Address you have indicated in Catalyst. Your Diploma Mailing Address must be updated by May 10, 2024, to ensure it is sent to the correct address. If you plan on moving after graduation, we suggest using a parent's, friend's, or relative's address that won't change in the next couple of months.

What information will be on my CeCredential or Ceremonial Diploma?

The below information is displayed on your ceremonial and electronic credential.

  • Name of the college that granted your degree
  • Your name that you provided to us in the CeDiploma Name field in the Graduation Application
  • University and Latin honors earned at the time of certification

Important Note: Majors are not printed on the diploma unless it is part of the degree name as approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education and required by the appropriate accreditation body. (e.g., A Biology major receiving a Bachelor of Science will only have "Bachelor of Science" listed on their credential, but a Nursing major earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing will have "Bachelor of Science in Nursing" on their credential because that is the name of the degree.)

You can determine the name of your degree by visiting Catalyst, clicking the My Academics tile, opening the Graduation/Commencement drop–down menu, and selecting View Graduation Status. The information provided in the Degree field is what will be printed on your credential. Program, major, or track information will not be printed.

What happens if I have a hold on my account?

UC will not release your CeCredential, ceremonial diploma, or academic transcript until this obligation has been cleared. Directions and contact information from the office that placed the hold will be found on your Tasks tile in Catalyst.

Where can I download my CeCredential?

Visit the CeCredential page. Above Key Benefits, you will click the red Register/Download button to download your CeDiploma.

Graduates with a hold on their account will be redirected to our service indicator page encouraging them to resolve any outstanding items. The CeDiploma will be available once any holds are removed.

Note: A CeDiploma may not be available for all conferral dates. CeDiplomas are available to graduates beginning Fall Semester (December) 2017. CeCertificates are available to graduates beginning Fall Semester (December) 2019.

For security reasons, the CeDiploma/electronic credential cannot be printed.