Ohio Credit When It's Due Initiative and Transcript Release Authorization


Ohio’s “Credit When It’s Due” initiative is a process to award associate degrees to students who earned academic credits that satisfied residency requirements at an Ohio public community college / two-year institution, did not earn the associate degree, and subsequently transferred to a four-year institution.

UC students with potential eligibility for the award of an associate degree as determined by the previous two–year institution will be contacted by UC email.

For that community college/two–year institution to assess whether or not you qualify for an associate degree award and to issue that associate degree to you, University of Cincinnati needs you to:

  • Affirm to UC that you do desire the community college / two-year institution award of the associate degree if you have earned the required academic credits for such; and
  • Provide UC with your signed authorization to release your official UC academic record transcript to that community college for an associate degree eligibility assessment.

Both items above are required for this process to initiate.

Policy Details

A transcript fee will not be charged.

Your participation in “Credit When It’s Due” is completely voluntary.

Participation Details

If you wish to participate in the “Credit When It’s Due” initiative:

Please return the completed form as noted above by the date specified in the Credit When It’s Due email that you received from University of Cincinnati.

For full information and FAQ regarding Ohio’s Credit When It’s Due initiative, refer to the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s Credit When It's Due information page.

You may direct questions to creditwhenitsdue@ucmail.uc.edu.

Participation and Transcript Release Authorization Form Submission