Meet Our Team

Headshot of Molly S. McDermott-Fallon, MBA

Molly S. McDermott-Fallon, MBA

Assistant Vice Provost and University Registrar

Academic Calendars, FERPA (records privacy)

Headshot of Lauren K. Martin, MA

Lauren K. Martin, MA

Director of Operations & Reporting

Academic Programs, Grading, Sex Marker Updates, Student Group Requests

Headshot of Frances R. Meyer, MBA

Frances R. Meyer, MBA

Associate Registrar, Reporting

HEI Reporting and Census, National Student Clearinghouse Reporting, SSN Changes

Headshot of Sue Hyun Strakowski, MA

Sue Hyun Strakowski, MA

Associate Registrar, Operations

Academic Standing, Residency for Tuition Purposes

Headshot of Heather L. Wischer, MA

Heather L. Wischer, MA

Web Communications Manager

Bearcats Landing, Listserv, Website

Headshot of Aaron Bauer, MS

Aaron Bauer, MS

Assistant Registrar, Scheduling & Registration

Class Ordering, Enrollment Appointments, Permissions and Requisites, Registration, Schedule of Classes, Waitlists

Headshot of DeeAnne Frederick-Wiese

DeeAnne Frederick-Wiese

Assistant Registrar, Operations

Apostille/Notarization of Educational Documents, Basic Data Forms, College Confirmation Forms, CPP (Career-Program-Plan) Stacks, Term Activation

Headshot of Chelsea Smalling, MBA

Chelsea Smalling, MBA

Assistant Registrar, Records

Athletics Certification, Diplomas (Ceremonial and CeCredentials), Graduation Certification, Replacement Diplomas

Headshot of Kathleen Fryman, MA, MSOL

Kathleen Fryman, MA, MSOL

Program Manager, Reporting

Amazon Career Choice Reporting, GC3 (Greater Cincinnati Consortium), Military Grade Reporting, SOCHE (Strategic Ohio Council for Higher Education)

Headshot of Stephen Kuntz

Stephen Kuntz

Program Coordinator, Records

Club Sports Certification, Credit When It's Due, Enrollment/Degree Verifications, National Student Clearinghouse Verifications

Headshot of Paul Smith, MLS

Paul Smith, MLS

Program Coordinator, Records

Academic Fresh Start, Grade Replacements, Investigator Requests, Legal Name Changes, Solomon Reports, Transcripts

Headshot of Sha'Kyra Welch

Sha'Kyra Welch

Program Coordinator, Scheduling & Registration

Add/Drop Form Processing, Classroom Scheduling