Confirming Your Enrollment

This page will guide you in confirming that you registered for your classes correctly. If you need an enrollment verification letter, visit our Self–Service Verifications page.

Viewing Your Schedule

Once you have either registered for your classes via Catalyst or your Add/Drop Form has been processed, you will want to confirm that your registration is correct. Follow the below steps to double-check your registration.

  1. If you are not already there, login to Catalyst 
  2. Click on the My Academics tile on your Student Homepage
  3. Select the Classes and Schedule drop-down menu
  4. Choose View My Schedule
  5. Pick the radio button to the left of the term you want to confirm, and press Continue

Double–Checking Your Schedule

Your full schedule for the selected term will display on this page. Here are some guidelines to make sure your schedule is correct:

  • Make sure the status of your class is Enrolled, Waiting (for wait list registration), Dropped, or Withdrawn as you had intended
  • Verify that the units (credit hours) for the class are correct
  • Verify that the grading (normal, pass/fail, audit) option for your class is correct
  • Double-check that the Days & Times and Start/End Date match for the section you wanted to add

If the class is not showing in your Class Schedule, you are not enrolled.