Waitlist Enrollment

A waitlist is a tool that automatically enrolls students into classes that are full. If a class is full but has an available waitlist (noted by a yellow triangle in the Schedule of Classes), students may be able to add themselves to the waitlist. As seats become available, students are enrolled on a first–come, first–served basis.

How do I add myself to a waitlist?

You will have access to waitlists as soon as your enrollment appointment starts. Make sure you have cleared any holds that may prevent registration. The last day to add a waitlist will be found on the Dates and Deadlines Calendars each semester. Waitlists are not available for Flex Session classes.

Can I swap sections if a spot becomes available in a waitlisted class?

If you will drop a class if you are able to get into a waitlisted class, you will need to set up your waitlist enrollment using the Swap functionality. Swap is especially helpful if you are trying to switch sections of the same class or if you want to switch to a different class taught at the same time. Catalyst will automatically drop your original class or section only when you are enrolled from the waitlist.

For additional registration information, check out the Registration How to Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no guarantee that you will be enrolled from a waitlist, but adding yourself to a waitlist is the best chance at securing a spot in that class. Colleges frequently monitor waitlist enrollments to determine if more seats are needed in their classes.

You need to meet—or at least conditionally meet—the requisites for the class in order to add yourself to a waitlist. Catalyst will check your requisites before you can add yourself to a waitlist just like if you are enrolling in any other class.

Waitlisted classes will be dropped along with enrolled classes during the requisite–checking process prior to the start of each semester.

Catalyst will only swap you out of another section or class if you set up your waitlist enrollment by using swap. If you have not specifically requested to swap from a class taught at the same time or another section of the same class, Catalyst will pass over your spot on the waitlist. Make sure to use swap for section changes or if you want to change to a different class taught at the same time to avoid being skipped.

It is your responsibility to monitor your waitlist and/or enrollment status. You will be able to see your place on the waitlist by viewing your class schedule in Catalyst. A status of "waiting" with a position number will indicate that you are still on the waitlist for that class. A status of "enrolled" will indicate that you have been officially enrolled in the class.

Once the waitlist period has ended, your waitlist request will automatically expire. You will no longer see the class on your class schedule.

To remove yourself from a waitlist, you must drop the waitlist request to ensure you are not placed in the class. You can drop a waitlist the same way you would drop an enrolled class in Catalyst. Note: If you are currently enrolled in a multi–component class, Catalyst may not give you the option to drop the waitlist of the same course. Please email us at reginfo@uc.edu if Catalyst is not allowing you to drop a waitlist.

Waitlist positions are displayed on your class schedule. You should monitor your waitlist status until you are either placed in the class or waitlist processing has ended.

Pay attention to any emails coming from the University of Cincinnati Registrar (reginfo@uc.edu). You will be notified via email if you are enrolled from the waitlist.

You will also be able to see on your class schedule that the status of the class has changed from "waiting" to "enrolled."

Catalyst allows you to waitlist up to nine credit hours each semester. This means you are able to waitlist any combination of classes as long as the total of the credits for those classes does not exceed nine credits.

You should attend the classes in which your status is “Enrolled." Even if you plan to swap out of the class if you are enrolled from the waitlist of another class, you must continue attending the class in which you are officially enrolled.

If a department has placed a waitlist on a class, closed class permissions to override the class capacity will not be granted. The waitlist will be used as the official way to request a spot in the class.