Transcript Key

The transcript information found on this page pertains to all undergraduate and graduate coursework at the University of Cincinnati. College of Law and College of Medicine transcripts are maintained within those colleges.


The University of Cincinnati is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission as a public degree–granting institution at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, specialist, and doctoral levels. The Higher Learning Commission is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.


This document is a computer-generated form, 11" x 8.5" in size, printed with burgundy ink on white colored security paper. Recipients can consider a paper transcript to be official only if the received document is printed on UC security-paper and only if it is both marked with the Office of the Registrar seal and stamped with the facsimile signature of the University Registrar. The student’s birth year is suppressed intentionally.

Course Information


  • 0000–0999: Developmental Courses
  • 1000–1999: 1st year (Freshman) courses
  • 2000–2999: 2nd year (Sophomore) courses
  • 3000–3999: 3rd year (Junior) courses
  • 4000–4999: 4th year (Senior) courses
  • 5000–5999: Senior–level research, project or capstone courses
  • 6000–6999: Undergraduate/Graduate dual credit level courses
  • 7000–9999: Graduate–level only courses

Semester “transition” courses serve as content “bridges” between quarter and semester–system courses that form content sequences. Such transition courses are identified by the utilization of “9” as the second digit of the four–digit semester course number (e.g. ENGL 220 offered in quarters becomes semester–system transition course ENGL 2920).

Semester–System Suffixes

  • A combined lecture/lab semester–system course will carry the “C” suffix.
  • A stand–alone laboratory semester–system course will carry the “L” suffix.


Certain semester–system courses may be authorized to be taught with a special emphasis. For such courses, the college offering the course may assign one to four of the following designating “attribute” codes to any class section of that course.

  • H=Honors
  • I=International/Education Abroad
  • N=Internship
  • R=Research
  • S=Service Learning
  • T=Transformational

Credits and Quarter/Semester Conversion

The University of Cincinnati converted to a computerized records system in the Autumn Quarter 1985–86. The University continues to convert historical records to the same computerized records system. Coursework completed prior to the Autumn Quarter, 1985–86, and which has not been transferred to the computerized file will be attached. Information pertaining to degrees awarded after conversion is embedded within the coursework.

Cumulative Average

The cumulative college average begins anew for students who transfer from one college to another within the University. Beginning with the Spring Quarter of 1992, a cumulative University average will be maintained containing all undergraduate courses taken while a student at the University. Grade point average is computed by dividing the quality points by the credit hours carried.

Quarter Credits

The quarter system became effective September 1963 except in the Ohio College of Applied Science and Ohio Mechanics Institute where it became effective September 1968. Credits earned in the Evening College from September 1963 to June 1967 are quarter credit hours even though they are listed under the heading "semester." Evening College operated during this period on a semester time period but reduced contact hours in the quarter system. Quarter credits multiplied by two thirds (2/3) equal semester credits.

Term Credits

The term system was effective in the cooperative colleges (College of Engineering; College of Design, Architecture and Art; and College of Business Administration) prior to 1963. The program consisted of six seven–week academic terms. Term credits multiplied by seven sixteenths (7/16) equal semester credits.

Semester Credits

The semester system was in effect prior to September 1963 and in the Ohio College of Applied Science and Ohio Mechanics Institute prior to September 1968 where a credit hour equaled one contact hour per week, per semester. Semester credits multiplied by one and a half (1½) equal quarter credits.


The University of Cincinnati adopted a semester–calendar system effective with Fall Semester 2012. The semester-system divides the academic year into three main enrollment periods (fall, spring, and summer semesters), each comprising approximately 14 weeks of instruction and one week of final exams—with the exception of summer semester when final examinations are held on the last day of instruction.

Students with both quarter and semester coursework will have a conversion calculation printed on the transcript immediately prior to the first semester entry.

Past term start and end dates from Autumn Quarter 1999 through the most recent past term can be found on our Past Academic Calendars page. Detailed calendars are available starting in Fall Semester 2019. For additional calendar system information prior to Fall 2019, please email us at for assistance.

Grade Replacement Policy

The UC Grade Replacement Policy allows a student to repeat University of Cincinnati coursework, with the final grade awarded for the most recent class enrollment calculated into the cumulative grade point average rather than the final grade awarded for the original class enrollment. The total number of replaced University of Cincinnati credit hours may not exceed 15 quarter hours or 10 semester hours. Students may repeat up to a maximum of five undergraduate quarter courses or four semester courses.

Academic Fresh Start

A University of Cincinnati undergraduate student who has been readmitted to the University after an absence of at least three years may be granted Academic Fresh Start. Upon the approval of Academic Fresh Start, a notation will be recorded on the student's record and the student's cumulative grade point average will be initiated from the date of reentry. The credit granted for prior work will be established by the student's college at the time of readmission and will be treated in accordance with the college's advanced standing policy.

Grading Systems


Questions regarding the interpretation of the University of Cincinnati transcript may be directed to the Office of the University Registrar at