Disenrollment of Class Registrations for Unmet Course Requisites

The University of Cincinnati helps students to be prepared for their upcoming classes by making sure that they meet the requirements. This happens by checking requisites after one semester ends but before the beginning of the next semester. This requisite checking process is sometimes referred to by UC staff as the PERC process, which stands for Post Enrollment Requirement Checking.

Student enrollments for the next semester's classes are dropped automatically for unmet course requisites. This procedure is enacted following the end of fall, spring, and summer semesters for both undergraduate and graduate students in all UC colleges with the exceptions of the College of Law and the MD program. This procedure takes place once before the first day of the full semester. It does not happen again mid-semester.

At the point of class registration for the next semester, the registration system applies the student's current class enrollments towards any prerequisite(s) established by the colleges for courses into which the student is attempting to register.

For example, a student enrolled in fall semester course SMPL 1001 may register for spring semester course SMPL 1002. Continued enrollment within those courses when the next term begins is contingent upon the student satisfying minimum requisite grade requirements and/or maintaining the required academic college or program. If the college has set a "C" final grade minimum for SMPL 1001 as a requisite for SMPL 1002, a student who earns a fall semester grade in SMPL 1001 that is below "C" will not be allowed to retain his/her spring semester enrollment in SMPL 1002.

To offer another example, a student may be allowed to enroll for spring semester course SMPL 3001 because at the point of class registration for spring semester the student was part of a college and/or pursuing a degree program that the college requires as a requisite for the spring course. If the student changes his/her college and/or degree program after registration, then that student no longer satisfies the college / program requirements for SMPL 3001 and so will not be allowed to retain his/her enrollment in that course.

During the break period between each semester, UC will assess whether or not each student continues to meet any college-established requisite(s) for the courses into which he or she has enrolled for the next semester. Students not meeting course requisites will be "dis-enrolled" from the appropriate classes prior to the first day of classes. A notification will be sent to the student's UC e-mail address. The student's bill will be updated accordingly to reflect tuition charges for the adjusted enrollment.

Please note that the effect of the disenrollment is immediate and final. The vacated seats in the classes will not be held, and these seats will be available immediately to other registering students. Students will not be reinstated into disenrolled classes. The registration system will prevent the student from re-registering into those classes dis-enrolled for unmet requisites.

Enrollment Services and the Registrar's Office are not charged with requisite management and cannot override requisites requirements. These offices will not be able to provide requisites information or take any requisites-related action.

Questions regarding course requisites and class dis-enrollments must be directed to the college offering that particular class section.

If you become dis-enrolled from one or more classes for unmet requisites, immediately contact your academic advisor to request assistance in identifying appropriate course alternatives.