UC International supports the university’s global vision of innovation, inclusion, and real-world impact. We connect with partners around the world, we give scholars opportunities for international collaboration, and we nurture students to become educated about the world they live in.

To all of our global community, welcome.

You chose to leave your home and the familiar behind to get an international education. Your world will always be larger because you did. And because you did, the world will always be a smaller place.

Vice Provost Raj Mehta

Find yourself here. Discover what's Next.

Studying at the University of Cincinnati will change your life—and you can change the world.

Experience is part of your education, in any program you choose. UC strongly believes that a world-class education has the power of real-world impact.

The University of Cincinnati is a Carnegie I public research institution with 213 graduate programs and 194 undergraduate programs. Reuters recently listed us among the top 100 most innovative global universities. We invented co-op in 1906, and our students earn $75 million annually working for 1,300 international employers.

Whether you want to perfect an art, pursue expertise in a scholarly or professional field, perform research or dedicate yourself to a future of service, find your path here at UC.

Global strategy and scholarship

UC International supports the University of Cincinnati's global educational mission. We help departments recruit and hire faculty, staff and researchers of international caliber. We invest in innovative collaborations with scholars and researchers around the world. We build a comprehensive worldwide network of strategic partner universities to create a common future. 

A year like no other

UC President Neville Pinto asked us all to prepare for an academic year unlike any in our experience.

For our students here or abroad, the university experience looks a little different, from social distancing on campus to distance learning from home. UC International is here to support you, wherever you are.