International Student Employment

F-1 and J-1 students may work under certain circumstances with authorization from UC International.

The opportunities available to you also vary by your visa type. Each type has restrictions on the types of work you can do.

F-1 Student Employment

J-1 Student Employment

Resources for International Student Employment

Have you heard of Handshake? This website is UC's official tool to help students find opportunities on- and off-campus. In this video from Experience-Based Learning and Career Education, learn how to find positions on Handshake as an international student.

Learn more about student employment options at UC, covering part-time and full-time co-op options, on-campus employment, international co-op, and a review of your OPT and CPT options as they relate to each one in this recorded webinar presented by Experience Based Learning and Career Education and International Services.

Other Employment

If you are a student, dependent, faculty or staff member in a visa status other than F-1 or J-1, take a look at our visa and immigration pages or contact our office to see if you're eligible to work in the United States.

Pay your taxes

All international students are required to file an annual tax report with the United States government, whether they earn money or not. Learn more about filing your tax report.