Hiring, Hosting and Admitting International Applicants

The application, admission, and hiring processes for international students, scholars, and visitors are a cooperative effort between UC departments and UC International. 

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Clicking on these links will take you to Bearcats Landing, UC's intranet site for faculty and staff. All hiring, hosting and admissions information is now hosted on Bearcats Landing.

Start with UC International

The University of Cincinnati brings many international visitors to campus each year. All international visitors, regardless of immigration status, are required by university policy to be officially entered into iBearcatsGlobal.

If you ever have questions about hiring, hosting or admitting an international visitor, contact UC International first. You can also check out our resources for faculty and staff on Bearcats Landing, UC's intranet.

Visa Statuses

If you'll be working with international students and scholars, you need to be aware of the requirements of common visa statuses.

F-1 students are foreign students who have been granted admission to the United States to pursue a full course of study at an academic or language institution. 

J-1 status is for individuals who are coming temporarily to the United States as a participant in an approved Department of State exchange program.

The J-1 visa has categories of exchange programs with specified activities for each type. Visitors may only engage in those specified activities for their J-1 category.

H-1B specialty workers are international visitors who have skills and experience of a special nature that require at least a bachelor’s degree. Employment can be requested for increments up to three years with a total maximum stay of six years.

TN is a temporary employment status available to Canadian and Mexican Nationals whose employment falls under an approved list of professions. Employment can be granted for intervals up to three years.

O-1 is a temporary employment status available to individuals who have extraordinary ability in the sciences, business, athletics, education or the arts which has been demonstrated by sustained national or international acclaim or a demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement.

B status is for temporary business or tourism. Delegation members or other short-term visitors often come to the US on B status.

Permanent residency allows international individuals to live and work permanently in the United States.

If you encounter an applicant who has any other visa status, contact our office to learn more about that visa status's requirements for work or study.