Scholarships, Fellowships and Assistantships

When you receive a scholarship, fellowship or assistantship, you may be required to work in return.

Typically, this work occurs on campus with the University of Cincinnati as your employer.

In certain circumstances, however, the work can be done elsewhere for a different employer. For example, you may work in a government or private research laboratory if your professor has a joint appointment, the employment is supervised and the work counts toward your degree.

Application Process

  1. Apply for an assistantship. You can find available assistantships at
  2. Your hiring department adds you to the New Hire Checklist. 
    1. This will take approximately 2 weeks after you are accepted for a job. 
    2. Someone from your hiring department will let you know when you are on this list. 
    3. Do not complete the rest of this process until you know that you have been added to the checklist.
  3. Submit an Onboarding Appointment request using iBearcatsGlobal. 
    1. If you will be working for a UC department, then you will fill out the "Receiving a UC Paycheck" form. 
    2. If you will be working for a campus restaurant (Starbucks, Subway, etc.), then you will fill out the "Non-UC Employee" form. 
    3. If you are unsure about which category your job falls under, contact us.
  4. Receive an email confirmation of your request.
  5. Call UC International at 513-556-4278 to make an appointment for onboarding.
  6. Read your email carefully and follow the instructions:
    1. Complete the online I-9 form.
    2. Print the onboarding forms and complete them.
    3. Gather your passport, visa, DS-2019, and printed I-94.
  7. Arrive for your appointment on time!

At Your Appointment

  • You will fill out your application for your Social Security Card
  • You will receive an authorization letter to present to the Social Security Office
  • You will receive directions to the Social Security Office
  • You will receive instructions on how to activate Direct Deposit (to get paid for your work)
  • You will receive information on how to do your taxes