Comprising three dynamic teams, our Marketing + Communications Division drives the University of Cincinnati's brand and narrative to new heights. Marketing + Brand strategically crafts and maintains UC’s brand platform and positioning, engaging our audiences to increase the university’s reputation. Digital + User Experience leverages cutting-edge technology and design to create seamless digital interactions, amplifying UC's message on a global scale. Meanwhile, Media Relations + Content curates compelling stories and engages with media outlets to propel UC's presence across local and international platforms. Together, we champion UC's mission, vision, and impact.

Marketing + Brand

Tap into our expertise to elevate your college’s distinct experiences and gain a competitive edge through the power of Marketing + Brand . We oversee UC’s brand positioning, advertising campaigns, and social media storytelling. Our team empowers you to define your narrative, develop eye-catching, high-caliber creative assets, and attract your target audience. Explore our resources and contacts to set yourself apart.

Digital + User Experience

Experience the front door of UC's digital presence at uc.edu. We ensure a consistent and captivating representation that breaks through the clutter. From support and training to analytics access, we're here to optimize user journeys and set UC apart.

Media + News

At the intersection of journalism and narrative, we cultivates newsworthy stories and feature content while spearheading interactions with the news media. Our mission centers on showcasing the university through exceptional storytelling and strategic media outreach, aiming for strong placements across local, national, and international media platforms. We track the UC brand and collaborate with university leadership to refine messaging for maximum effectiveness, all with the ultimate goal of elevating UC's profile and narrative on a global scale.