Lockups link together the UC logo with college names and other major units and programs in one single design. Lockups are not appropriate for every unit nor for every communication, and in most cases, the UC logo alone is the most appropriate mark. With that said, some content types or audiences may benefit from the added context a lockup provides. Please review the following guidelines before considering a lockup.


Academic Unit Lockups

Formal and informal lockups have been created for all colleges and are available for download and immediate use.

In most cases, the college-level lockup or the UC logo alone will be the most appropriate mark for all academic communication.

Colleges are free to allow – or not allow – the use of departmental or smaller unit lockups. All such lockups must be approved by the appropriate college dean. It is strongly recommended that colleges seek guidance from their internal communications staff and/or the Brand Review Committee prior to proposing smaller unit lockups.

Note: Acronyms are permitted for college-level lockups.

Non-Academic Unit Lockups

The use of lockups is typically discouraged for non-academic units. In most cases, the UC logo alone will be the most appropriate mark. With that said, here are a few helpful questions to consider when determining whether or not a lockup is warranted:

  • Is it meaningful and necessary to the target audience? How? Why?
  • Can identifying or acknowledging a particular service or program be accomplished through messaging?
  • What is gained – or lost – with a lockup over the use of the UC logo alone?
  • Does the unit have a retail or commercial mission?

Divisions and larger, umbrella units are free to allow – or not allow – the development and use of lockups, both at the division and smaller unit level. All non-academic lockups must be approved by the appropriate division head, VP or leadership team. In addition, it is strongly recommended that non-academic units seek guidance from the Brand Review Committee prior to proposing a unit lockup.

Note: To ensure clarity for external audiences, acronyms are not permitted for non-academic unit lockups.

Minimal Lockup

A special lockup template exists for imprint areas narrower than 1˝ in width. This artwork is approved exclusively for promotional items; the primary, secondary, and vertical lockups should be used on all other collateral. The minimal lockup is available at the college level only—other units should use the UC logo instead.

Lockup Requirements

  • Lockups must follow the prescribed template for font, type size, spacing and color
    • On white or light backgrounds, the UC Monogram is to appear in UC red, the "University of Cincinnati" text in black and the college/unit name text in red
    • On red backgrounds, the UC monogram, "University of Cincinnati" text and college unit name text is to appear in white
    • On black or dark backgrounds, the UC Monogram is to appear in UC red and the "University of Cincinnati" text and college/unit text is to appear in red
  • Lockups replace all typographical arrangements for college names, even those previously approved.
  • Lockups must follow naming policy guidelines. Due to production limitations, lockups cannot be replicated on embroidered merchandise. A special embroidery template exists – seek guidance from Trademarks and Licensing.
  • Lockups are created by Marketing + Communications.

Lockup Restrictions

  • Lockups are not allowed on standard business communication such as letterhead, business cards and forms. Standard business communication uses the UC logo alone.
  • Lockups may not be used on the website.
  • Lockups are not permitted on most digital platforms. Do not place lockups on landing pages, in email signatures, or within social media posts.
  • Lockups are often not readable on digital ads, and the UC enterprise logo or college-level lockup may be most appropriate.
  • Lockups may not be placed over busy patterns, textures, or photos in which the background interferes with readability and contrast.
  • Prioritize accessibility standards when placing a lockup in lieu of formatted text in your materials.
  • Acronyms are permitted for college-level lockups only. In general, acronyms are discouraged, as they often don't make sense to external audiences.
  • Lockups may not be created by any individual or team outside of Marketing + Communications.