Email Signature

Any email generated from a address is considered official university communication, and the appearance of signature formatting should present a professional tone while remaining accessible. To achieve those goals, faculty and staff are encouraged to follow the guidelines below. 

Your UC email signature should: 

  • Present a professional, united face to all audiences 
  • Adhere to branding guidelines and accessibility standards 
  • Signify official affiliation with the University of Cincinnati   


  • Bold your name 
  • Italicize Next Lives Here 
  • Set all other lines in regular 
  • Use Arial, 10 pt
  • Use black only, either a default black or Bearcat Black (#333333, RGB (51, 51, 51))    


  • Add additional font styling to your signature. Only your name should be bold and only next lives here should be italic. All other text should be regular. 
  • Use any font other than Arial 
  • Use red or any color other than black or Bearcat Black 
  • Include a logo or lockup 
  • Include personal URLs or social links
  • Include icons 
  • Include images or graphics 
  • Include quotes 
  • Include any tagline other than next lives here 

You are welcome to use the email signature generator on our resources page to create your brand-compliant signature.

Email Footer Disclaimers

There may be cases where it is necessary and appropriate to include disclaimers below your email signature. These include, but are not limited to:

  • To communicate and protect the confidential nature of the email

  • To communicate that the email may be privileged 

  • To assert a copyright in the email contents

  • To disclaim liability for viruses transmitted by the email

  • To communicate a nondiscrimination policy or other relevant policy

Only divisional/departmental leadership can determine the necessity and appropriateness of including disclaimers in email signatures. When it is deemed necessary and appropriate by your departmental/divisional leadership, the disclaimers should be included at the bottom of your email signature using default settings.