Athletics & Spirit Marks

Athletics marks defined as the C-Paw, the Cincinnati Wordmark and the Bearcats Wordmark are never permitted to represent academic or administrative units and programs of the university. Further, staff not employed directly by the Department of Athletics are never permitted to use these marks in their individual communication. 

Official student organizations and clubs recognized by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD) may use the University’s marks in ways that are consistent with brand guidelines and University Policies. Use of the university’s marks for print and digital communications are subject to review and approval through the Marketing + Communications Division and for any products or sponsorship activities by the Trademark Licensing Office.

Questions and requests regarding use of athletics marks should be directed to Trademarks and Licensing.

C-Paw Logo

Cincinnati Wordmark

Bearcats Wordmark

Spirit Marks

The Bearcat is the official mascot of the University of Cincinnati, and is a symbol representative of the entire UC community.

University units are permitted to use the Bearcat cartoon to illustrate and engender UC pride, and should work directly with MarCom to ensure use is consistent with institutional brand standards and strategies. Graphically, the Bearcat cartoon should be treated as a secondary asset, and may not be used as a proxy or identifying mark for a unit. For more information about identifying marks, please review UC Logos and Marks.

The creation of other characters or mascots to represent the University of Cincinnati, groups and individuals who make up the community, and services offered is prohibited.

The standard uses of the Bearcat mascot include the Bearcat standing in a hero pose, the Bearcat in stride, the Bearcat eyes and the Bearcat head. A clear area or "safe space" must be maintained around the Bearcat mascot marks. Safe space for each of the Bearcat mascot marks are listed below:

  • Hero pose: safe space is defined by 50% scale of Bearcat’s head
  • In stride: safe space is defined by 50% scale of Bearcat’s head
  • Bearcat eyes: safe space is defined by the height of Bearcat’s eye
  • Bearcat head: safe space is defined by the height of Bearcat’s nose

The Bearcat mascot is used to represent the entire UC community, therefore the mascot can be used by academic units, registered student organizations, and Athletics when approved and used correctly. There is also flexibility in modifications to the mascot marks when it is within reason and approved. This flexibility extends to modifications that allow the Bearcat Mascot to interact with the environment. This is up to the discretion of the Office of Trademarks & Licensing and Marketing+Communications on a case-by-case basis. 

Other mascot marks, such as the baby Bearcat, follow the same guidelines listed above and are only used in specific, limited instances.  

University of Cincinnati mascot eyes

Mascot References

When referencing students, faculty, staff, other members of the UC community, and when naming events, programs, studies, and more, the plural Bearcats should be used. The plural speaks to a sense of community and is supported in University’s motto “Juncta Juvant” — “Strength in Unity,” and it is appropriate even when specifying a single individual. 

Bearcat (singular) is used when referring to the official mascot of the University of Cincinnati—The Bearcat.