Brand Graphics and Celebratory Marks

Per artwork, a graphic is any pictorial image or visual asset, including icons and symbols, illustrations, data visualizations, and designs, which are used in layouts. A graphic can also refer to the product of the graphic arts, such as a composition or a visual file.

In the context of brand, a graphic refers to a decorative visual element that supports brand identity, however, unlike logos, is not a proxy for an entity.

When commemorating a unique event or significant celebration, a special graphic may be developed for collateral and merchandise.

For cases in which the audience is internal (i.e. retirement parties, college potlucks, visiting speakers, class presentations, etc.), novel event graphics are not appropriate or necessary; University branding should be used, with the name of the event and all details typeset.

A unique event graphic may be created when the audience is external to the campus community and if there is value in developing an identity around an event (i.e. the event will be promoted/marketed). This graphic must be approved by the Brand Review Committee prior to use. Examples of common affairs that may warrant an event graphic are conferences, symposiums and anniversaries.

Event Graphic Requirements

  1. the graphic must include who/what is being celebrated

  2. the graphic must include the date or year of the event

  3. the graphic cannot be used beyond the term of the event (i.e. outside of the year of an anniversary)

  4. a graphic for a recurring event may be updated each year with the new date/year

  5. multiple graphics for the same event cannot be created and used

  6. the graphic cannot be used alone; all collateral must also include the UC logo or your unit lockup

  7. the graphic cannot be set along with the UC logo or your unit lockup as if creating a conglomerate identity or super lockup.