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Katie Pence

Director, Media Relations + Content


Media Relations

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Jac Kern

Associate Director, Media Relations + Content


Content | Editor UC News

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Angela Koenig

Media Relations + Content


College of Arts and Sciences (Humanities) | College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning | College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services

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Diana Lara

Media Relations + Content, 1819 Innovation Hub

1819 Innovation Hub

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Michael Miller

Media Relations + Content


College of Engineering and Applied Science | College of Arts and Sciences (Sciences)

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MB Reilly

Executive Director, Public Relations Spokesperson


Board of Trustees | Admin and Finance | Planning, Design, Construction | Housing | Campus Services | Facilities | HR | Sustainability | Equity and Inclusion | Gov Relations | Faculty Affairs | Public Safety | President's Office | Student Affairs

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Cedric Ricks

Media Relations + Content


College of Law | College-Conservatory of Music | College of Nursing | College of Cooperative Education and Professional Studies

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Kyle Shaner

Media Relations + Content

Carl H. Lindner College of Business | College of Allied Health Sciences | School of IT | Cincinnati Innovation District | Office of Research | Office of Innovation

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Tim Tedeschi

Media Relations + Content

Cancer | James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy | Neurology | Psychiatry | Radiology | UC Cancer Institute | UC Gardner Neurology Institute