Separate entities are affiliated with the university because the services they provide help advance the university’s mission. The university has a vital interest in and recognizes the value of each affiliated entity. The university is committed to ensuring that each affiliate operates in a proper manner, while seeking to maintain the appropriate independence from its affiliates.

To protect the university’s interests, the following principles shall apply to the university’s relationships with affiliates: 

  1. The creation and activities of affiliates must promote, advance, or complement the educational, scientific, research, charitable, or cultural activities of the university or one or more of its units. 

  2. The university will monitor affiliates through a regular reporting process. 

  3. Affiliates must adhere to high standards of ethics and must avoid conflicts of interest. 

  4. The university’s relationship with an affiliate is not necessarily intended to be perpetual. Relationships with affiliates will be examined periodically to determine whether the affiliate relationship will be continued or whether a sunset provision is appropriate. 

Through the application of these principles, this policy provides a framework to guide the university in establishing and monitoring its relationships with affiliates. 

Our brand affiliates include Cincinnati Innovation District, UC Alumni Association, UC Foundation and UC Health. There may be cases where a joint mark between the University of Cincinnati and one of these affiliates is appropriate. As official brand assets the University of Cincinnati, co-branded assets must be approved and created by Marketing + Communications. 

Our affiliates have their own branding guidelines that must be consulted and honored.

Refer to the university's Affiliated Entities policy for additional details.