At the University of Cincinnati, accessibility is not only a matter of inclusion but also a cornerstone of our brand. By ensuring that communications are accessible to individuals of all abilities, UC reinforces its commitment to providing a seamless and equitable experience for all members of our community. 

By maintaining accessibility standards across all communications via the EIT Accessibility Policy, UC reinforces a consistent brand identity to our diverse audiences. Whether accessing the university's website, print materials, signage or social media, individuals encounter a cohesive experience that reflects UC's commitment to accessibility. This consistency in accessibility not only strengthens UC's brand image but also enhances user trust and satisfaction, reinforcing the university's position as a leader in providing accessible and inclusive education and resources. 

Supporting Resources for EIT Accessibility

To support university faculty and staff with the implementation of this policy, the university has created the Accessibility Network. The Accessibility Network provides resources and training to create and sustain eAccessibility as part of the university's core commitment to provide an inclusive student environment. Resources provided to faculty and staff are:

These resources can help guide you through the process of creating accessible electronic files, digital course content, and/or websites, as well as buying accessible electronic information technology, software and applications.