Campaign Cards

When it is desired to use a card to market a specific campaign, effort, service, or similar endeavor, a calling card may be produced. 

Where a business card provides essential contact information for an individual, and reflects the institution as a whole, following a strict template, a calling card is purpose-driven, allowing a unit or sub brand of the university to market more specifically for interaction. A calling card should not represent a single individual, but can be used to express the tone, values, and CTAs of a given campaign or unit.  

  1. Only one logo or lockup can be used 

  2. Can be double-sided 

  3. Content should not be duplicated on both sides 

  4. Can use QR codes 

  5. Can direct to campaign landing pages 

  6. Cannot specify an individual—must represent a team or unit 

  7. Artwork and tone should align with, be complementary of UC brand 

  8. Can include fillable portions (think appointment cards) 

  9. Artwork must be approved through Marketing + Brand 


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