Getting Started in AEM

Access Overview

All users with an active UC login have read-only access to AEM. In order to obtain editing access within AEM, you must complete the training. Get started by visiting the AEM training page and submitting a request 

Roles and Permissions

Permissions for AEM are assigned to each individual site. If you need permissions for more than one site, be sure to include that in your initial request. 

Within each site there are two levels of access:

  • Basic: Basic authors have full access to edit any page within the site they have permissions to. However, they do not have access to publish their changes live to the website. They will need either the apex user or another advanced user to publish their changes for them. 
  • Advanced: Advanced authors can make their edits and immediately publish them live on the website. They do not need the assistance of the apex user to push new content live. 


An Apex User is the main point of contact or liaison between departments, units or colleges and the Digital + User Experience team. If you need assistance determining who the apex user for your area is, please submit a ticket.

Logging In

Users can log into AEM at You will need to use DUO Two factor Authentication in order to login. You do not need to connect over the VPN. 

From the home screen, you will click on "Switch to Touch UI" in order to use the interface used with the new accessible template. 

Updating your default interface

If you were previously an author on an old-template site, you may need to update your default user settings. If your screen is not matching the images in this guide, please try the below steps. 

  1. Click on the user icon in the top right corner. 
  2. Click "My Preferences"
  3. Ensure "Use Classic Authoring Experience" is unchecked. 
  4. Click Accept.