UC Brand Definitions

Affiliated Entity or Affiliate: an organization that has legal existence separate from the university; is formed or operated to support or complement the mission of the university; was created by the university; receives significant financial support from the university; or uses the university's resources or its name and brand marks; and has entered into an affiliation agreement with the university.

Brand: a product, service or image that helps shape an audience’s perception of our institution.

Center or Institute: an internal organizational unit with a unique mission involving research, education, or service (or a combination of these). Unlike affiliates, which are separately organized entities (see University Policy Number 1.5.2), centers and institutes operate as administrative units or parts thereof of the university. Typically centers and institutes engage in activities that include, but are not limited to, utilizing substantial university resources, conducting substantial research, securing public or private funding, and/or entering into contracts with third parties. Centers established between a university unit(s) and an outside affiliate will, at a minimum, adhere to this policy but may also be subject to additional requirements agreed upon by the forming university unit and the affiliated entity. 

Co-Brand: the strategy of using our brand and an external brand to market together on a unifying effort, product, or service.

Collaboration: to work jointly or together to produce or create something.

Collateral: any assets designed to promote the institution.

Endorsement: a shown action of approval or support between a company, person, or business to further promote a service or product.

Graphic (artwork): any pictorial image or visual asset, including icons and symbols, illustrations, data visualizations, and designs, which are used in layouts. A graphic can also refer to the product of the graphic arts, such as a composition or a visual file.

Graphic (brand): refers to a decorative visual element that supports brand identity, however, unlike logos, is not a proxy for an entity.

Partnership: the formal or legal association between our institution and another business.

Printed: any assets that are physically printed and tangible.

Responsible Party: the director, executive officer, or other designated individual who is principally responsible for managing the daily operations of an Affiliate, Center or Institute.

Social Avatar: a social avatar is the image that accompanies your social profile, serving as a visual representation of your unit. The social avatar for official University of Cincinnati accounts features a white UC monogram over a red background.

Sponsoring Unit: the university unit desiring to establish an Affiliated Entity, Center or Institute. 

Sponsorship: when an organization and corporation are visibly associated together with a certain program or service.

University Liaison:  a university employee designated by the president, or the president’s designee, with oversight responsibility for an Affiliate relationship. The University Liaison may, but is not required, to serve as a member of the Affiliate’s governing board.