Presidential Seal

The Presidential Seal, adopted in 1904 from the City of Cincinnati insignia, is an important pillar of UC’s heritage. It is a formal crest that signifies the University's importance in higher education and reflects its status as a municipal institution. Because of its significance, it is restricted for specific uses, and references to the seal in this guide apply only to reproductions or facsimiles of the seal. 

Presidential Seal Usage

Reproduction of the seal is restricted to presidential or Board-related purposes and in recognition of certain prestigious scholarly achievements such as a diploma. The seal is also appropriate for permanent markers, such as architectural elements produced in stone, metal or glass, and for regalia and class rings, subject to licensing approval. Use of the seal must be approved by Marketing + Communications or by the Brand Review Committee.

The Merchandise Seal

The “Merchandise Seal” is a version of the Presidential Seal that can be used for promotional items like plaques, clothing, gift items, and merchandise. Its use is governed exclusively by the Office of Trademarks and Licensing.