Advanced Tips & Tricks

Changing a URL (Move Function)

In order to change a page URL, you will need to use the move function to change the page name. The move function can be found in the sites console on the action toolbar. When moving a page, you can change the name of the page, the location of the page or both. 

  1. Select the page that need to be moved. Ensure that the page being moved is unpublished before attempting to use the move function.
  2. Select "move" from the action toolbar. 
  3. In the first pane of the move wizard you will select the new name for your page. 
  4. On the second screen you update where the page lives by selecting the page icon of the parent page. If you don't need to change where the page lives, select the current parent page. 
  5. Select the move button in the top right corner to move. 


URL's should be changed only when absolutely necessary as you will be asking both your users and search engines to figure out where you have moved your pages.