Marketing + Communications offers a variety of invaluable resources, including templates, toolkits, and other assets, as well as an extensive collection of images and video clips. These resources are accessible exclusively on UC's intranet, Bearcats Landing, and are tailored for our internal community. 

Ipsum Generator

Email Signature Creator

Please use this tool to quickly create an email signature that complies with the University's brand and accessibility guidelines.

Your UC email signature should: 

  • Present a professional, united face to all audiences 
  • Adhere to branding guidelines and accessibility standards 
  • Signify official affiliation with the University of Cincinnati   


  • Bold your name 
  • Italicize Next Lives Here 
  • Set all other lines in regular 
  • Use Arial, 10 pt
  • Use black only, either a default black or Bearcat Black (#333333, RGB (51, 51, 51))    


  • Add additional font styling to your signature. Only your name should be bold and only next lives here should be italic. All other text should be regular. 
  • Use any font other than Arial 
  • Use red or any color other than black or Bearcat Black 
  • Include a logo or lockup 
  • Include personal URLs or social linksInclude icons 
  • Include images 
  • Include quotes 
  • Include any tagline other than next lives here 

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University of Cincinnati
Next Lives Here

Note: The buttons below are provided for convenience; however, for many email clients, it is best to manually select, copy, and paste the email signature from the area above.