Web Access & Training

At the University of Cincinnati, website content management is facilitated through Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). AEM is a user-friendly, component-based system that allows staff, faculty, and students to manage and update website content easily. Even those without technical expertise can confidently create accessible content using AEM.

To gain access to AEM, there are two requirements that must be met. The first is completing Accessibility Compliance Training, which is mandatory for anyone contributing digital content, including websites, at UC. This training is available through Canvas and must be completed prior to registering for AEM training.

The second requirement is AEM training, which is offered virtually through Microsoft Teams. To register for this training, you must include a screenshot of your grades for the Accessibility Compliance Training. Available training dates can be found by filling out the registration form below. 


Frequently Asked Questions

An Apex User is the main point of contact or liaison between departments, units or colleges and the Digital + User Experience team. If you need assistance determining who the apex user for your area is, please submit a ticket.

If the course doesn't appear in Canvas, you may need to request to be enrolled. Please contact the Accessibility Network if you need to be added to the course. 

To complete this step, simply take a screenshot of your scores and upload it with your submission. Please note that attendance to the training is not possible until this verification is done.

After submitting your training request form, please allow one week for processing before receiving your training invitation.

Register for AEM Training