Trademarks, Licensing and Brand Engagement 

The university owns all trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, seals, symbols, mascots, and slogans associated with or referring to the University of Cincinnati. The Office of Trademarks, Licensing and Brand Engagement protects and controls the use of our marks on merchandise and licensed goods, and oversees the quality and appropriateness of products, promotions, and sponsorships for which the marks are used. All uses of UC’s name and trademarks on products require prior approval from the Office of Trademark Licensing and Brand Engagement, even if the proposed uses do not involve the sale of a product.  

All products bearing UC’s trademarks must be produced from companies licensed by the University of Cincinnati through our agent, the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). All uses of UC trademarks on products will incorporate the appropriate trademark designation symbols (i.e., ® or ™).  

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