Web Access & Training

Adobe Experience Manager or AEM is the official content management system for websites at the University of Cincinnati. AEM empowers web editors to confidently create and manage accessible content. The Digital + Social team has designed a suite of components that allow non-technical authors to optimize their content

Request AEM Access

Have you Completed your Accessibility Training?

Remember that in order to gain access to AEM Training you must first verify that you have completed your accessibility training. This training is required for anyone at UC that is contributing digital content, including websites. It must be completed before you can complete AEM training. 

The process for gaining access to AEM is as follows:

  • Submit a ticket and select "Touch UI" as the system. 
  • When submitting your ticket, upload your completion certificate for your annual electronic and information technology (EIT) training. Uploading this when submitting your initial request, will expedite your request. If you do not submit this, your request will not be processed. 
  • After we verify your EIT training, you will receive a meeting invite for our virtual in-person training. The training is two hours and occurs select Mondays from 1:30-3:30. Dates will be available for selection on the form. 
  • Please be prepared to repsond to emails sent through the ticketing system. It is the only way to communicate with us on the status of your ticket. Lack of response can cause your ticket to stall or be closed incomplete.