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UC Web Refresh Project

The University of Cincinnati is undergoing a campus-wide web refresh initiaitive with the support of the Offices of the President and the Provost.

The goal of this project is to ensure that all official university websites:

  • Are housed within Adobe Experience Manager -- the official content management system at the University of Cincinnati
  • Receive updated templates designed to be mobile responsive, accessible, branded and modern
  • Organized to create a conistent and enhanced user expereince 
  • Consolidated to limit the number of pages where ever possible

What Can Web Authors Expect?

The Web Communications Team has identified Site Owners and Apex Users across campus. We will reach out to each college, office and unit over the course of the next six months to roll out the project, answer any questions you might have and provide training and resources to help get the prooject kicked off and keep it on track. If you have immediate concerns about the project, please email CMS Support.

How Does This Impact Current Sites?

Your current sites will reamin live until your portion of the project is complete. Some things to keep in mind:

  • All Web Authors will need to complete AEM 6.2 training prior to their new site launching. This includes Web Authors who may have recently taken the current version of AEM Basic Training.
  • At the discretion of Site Owners and Apex Users, some Web Authors may exerience temporary disruption or downgrade to thier current AEM authoring permissions. 
  • Site Owners and Apex Users may find it more efficient to hold off on major changes to their current sites and roll them into the Web Refresh Project.
  • While they are waiting to engage on this project, Site Owners, Apex Users and Web Authors can begin cleaning up their sites by deleting old pages, updating stale content and converting PDF files.

Is This Project Separate From The Accessibility Audit?

The web accessibility audits, supported through the UC Accessibility Network, and the Web Refresh Project are two separate initiatives.  

Remember to check the Knowledge Base for trouble shooting and step by step instructions on working in the content management system.