Digital + User Experience

The Digital and Social team ensures alignment with the University of Cincinnati’s purpose, vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities to advance and distinguish UC nationally and globally.

Through the web and social media channels, we engage our community and share UC's educational opportunities, research excellence and diverse activities and events.

Our role

  • Provide all communications-related management for the university's
    • Web presence;
    • content management system;
    • search engine;  
    • web accessibility;
    • web analytics; and
    • news system. 
  • Provide expertise in developing and designing UC websites and digital communications.
  • Market and promote the university through messages and images on UC's "top-level" Web pages and through all digital communications channels.
  • Ensure a user-friendly and accessible Web experience by providing a consistent, intuitive navigational flow through the top-level pages of the site.
  • Oversee and maintain digital communications policies and procedures. 
  • Develop university-wide digital communications strategies and initiatives.
  • Approve requests for space on the university's Web servers.
  • Provide resources for university communicators.