Public Safety

School safety: What you need to know

Welcome home, Bearcats! As classes begin, it’s a good time to familiarize yourself with the resources Public Safety provides. More information regarding all the resources below, and much more, is available on the Public Safety website,

How to ensure you’re signed up for alerts

This image shows the field in Catalyst where the emergency text message phone number should be filled in.

Students are automatically enrolled in emergency alerts, however, if your information is incorrectly entered in Catalyst you will not be enrolled.  In the Personal Information section, please ensure your cell phone number is in the Emergency Text field, in addition to the Cell field, and that your UC email is in the Email Address field.

As a faculty or staff member, please ensure you clicked “Yes” in your directory listing when asked if Public Safety may notify you by text message of campus emergencies.

Bearcat Notifications

The Bearcat Notifications webpage can be found on Public Safety’s website. It includes all of the safety notifications Public Safety has sent out this semester via email. The page also includes another notification, called Local Information. The Local Information category contains relevant details regarding events of significant local interest that may be of concern to the UC community, but are not a continuing threat to campus. When a new Local Information notification is posted online, Public Safety sends out a tweet about it.

Bearcat Guardian

A graphic highlighting the features of the Bearcat Guardian app.

Bearcat Guardian is a state-of-the-art safety app that allows you to turn your cell phone into a safety device. It works on any mobile phone running on any US-based mobile carrier network. The app allows users to:

  • Set a Safety Timer with a location and expected arrival time. You can choose anyone with a cell phone in your contact list as your "Guardian," who will be sent a link via text message asking them to keep an eye on you while you walk. They will be notified if you do not turn off your safety timer. The timer can be used anywhere you have cell phone service.
  • Send anonymous tips about suspicious activity to UC Police using text, images and location sharing.
  • Receive emergency notifications from UC Public Safety.
  • Use an Emergency Call Button to connect with UC Police. Your GPS location is provided so emergency personnel can reach you faster.

Bike registration

Register your bike with Public Safety online. The information collected will be used to identify your bike in case it is stolen. In addition, Public Safety is providing free U-Locks, while supplies last, to anyone who completes the form.

Help phones

A student pushes the button on a help phone.

There are hundreds of blue help phones on all of UC’s campuses. These provide a direct line into Public Safety’s Communications Center, and are answered 24/7. The help phones can be utilized for emergencies and non-emergencies.