Public Safety

Staying safe during move-out

Congratulations, Bearcats! You killed it this year! Whether you’re graduating or coming back for another year, you’re likely moving sometime in the next few weeks.

Moving can be exhausting and chaotic, but it’s important to be mindful and consider your safety as you prepare to leave. Below we outline a few easy ways you can make sure you and your belongings stay safe during move-out.

  • Always lock your door and your car. Even if you’re just running to your room and heading straight back to your car with another load, it only takes a moment for a passerby to take some of your belongings.
  • Many students prefer to pack their car the night before they leave. We do not recommend this, as a thief could see you packing your car and return later. Also, if you leave items visible in your vehicle, seeing those items could incentivize a thief to break into your vehicle.
  • Pack your valuables last.
  • Help your neighbor, and ask for help from others. If more than one person is loading your belongings that will increase the amount of time someone is present near your belongings.
  • If you can, avoid moving out during commencement. The university will be very congested those days.
  • Be conscious that theft does happen, and be aware.