Public Safety

UCPD encourage motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to exercise caution

Published: Thursday, March 30, 2017

University of Cincinnati Police are looking to communicate one key message to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists: pay attention.

"Slow down and be aware of your surroundings,"€ Lt. Dave Hoffman said.

He urges motorists to watch for traffics lights and signs. Pedestrian accidents most often occur because drivers and pedestrians are not paying attention.

"Calhoun Street along UC's Uptown Campus sees more accidents because it's so congested,"€ Hoffman said.

However, pedestrians also need to do their part. General tips include following sidewalk and crosswalk rules, taking out headphones and looking before crossing the street.

Hoffman also shared some safety tips for people walking home at night, including calling NightRide or using the NightRide shuttle for a ride when within a one-mile radius of campus, calling Campus Watch to have someone walk with you on campus or calling the Safety Ambassadors to have someone walk with you off-campus.

"It's safe to walk in a group,"€ Hoffman said, but encourages students, staff and faculty to utilize available resources rather than walking alone.

As the weather warms and more people began using their bikes, Hoffman urges bikers to make sure their equipment works before riding, to wear light or reflective clothing and to follow traffic laws, such as biking on the road not the sidewalk.

"Just because you're on a bike doesn't mean you don't need to stop at a red light," Hoffman said.

He encourages bikers to be "defensive"€ while biking by anticipating dangerous situations despite what is occurring around them.

When a motorist encounters a biker, House Bill 154, which became effective March 21, 2017, states motorists must pass cyclists by a distance of at least three feet.

Hoffman also recommends students, staff and faculty register their bike with the Public Safety Department so it can be easily identified in case of theft. That can be done in person at Three Edwards Center, located at 51 West Corry Blvd., or online at

Bikers should also consider purchasing a U-Lock, as cable locks can easily be cut. When using a U-Lock, Hoffman said, it should be placed around the frame of the bike, not just the front tire.

Written by Kelly Cantwell - Assistant Public Information Officer