Public Safety

Winter Storms and Severe Cold

Emergency Operations Plan

Hazard-Specific Annexes

Annex H-12: Winter Storms and Severe Cold

  1. Purpose: The purpose of this annex is to establish procedures for taking the proper emergency response action following a severe winter storm.
  2. Situation:
    1. The City of Cincinnati region has been subjected to severe winter storms in the past.
  3. Assumption:
    1. The University of Cincinnati can experience severe winter storms in the future. 
    2. Severe winter storms can drastically affect all transportation modes in the Cincinnati Area.
  4. Concept of Operations: Incident Command - The Safety Director will act as the Incident Commander. 
    1. Safety Director's Responsibilities: 
      1. Upon being informed that a severe winter storm has occurred, activate the Emergency Operations Center if necessary 
      2. Request representation at the EOC by all departments and volunteer agencies concerned 
      3. Implement University emergency snow clearance plan as needed.
    2. University Police Primary Responsibilities: 
      1. Send representative to the EOC b. Recall necessary off-duty University Police personnel 
      2. Provide personnel to support Fire Division search and rescue efforts d. Patrol streets to determine extent pass ability 
      3. Establish street closings 
      4. Make situation reports to the EOC 
      5. Maintain order at relocation centers Support Responsibilities include providing pertinent information to the public through Media as cleared through the Incident Commander. 
    3. Facilities Management’s Primary Responsibility is to provide snow removal from campus sidewalks through the Grounds Crew. 
    4. Parking Services Primary Responsibility is to provide road-clearing capabilities using trucks with plow attachments. 
    5. Campus Scheduling Support Responsibilities include supplying auditoriums and classrooms as possible temporary shelters. 
    6. Campus Services Support Responsibilities include supplying rooms as possible temporary shelters, and kitchen facilities for emergency food supply. 
    7. Public Safety’s Public Information Officer’s Primary Responsibility is to inform students and staff of closures and schedule changes. University Departments and Divisions not mentioned by name in this annex constitute an emergency standby reserve and may be assigned emergency functions appropriate to their specialized capabilities.