Public Safety

July 14, 2016

Safety & Reform Community Advisory Council


Welcome Special Guests

Judge John A. West, Chairman
Dr. Robin S. Engel, V.P. for Safety and Reform

Robert Richardson, Jr., Chairperson, UC Board of Trustees
Dr. Beverly Davenport, UC Interim President
Tony Carter, UC Chief of Police Dr. Robin S. Engel, V.P. for Safety and Reform
Maris Herold, UC Assistant Chief of Police

Questions & Answers Regarding Exiger Report

Jeff Schlanger, President Exiger Advisory

Goals for Reform Effort

Dr. Engel

Discussion of External Monitoring

Jeff Schlanger
Dr. Engel

July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016

Remarks and Discussion

Judge West
Robert Richardson, Jr., Chairperson, UC Board of Trustees
Dr. Beverly Davenport, UC Interim President

Wrap Up

Judge West

Next meeting:

  • Tuesday, August 23, 2016 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM in 320 University Pavilion
  • Tuesday, September 27, 2016 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM in 320 University Pavilion



CAC Members

  • Judge John West, Chairman
  • Eric Abercrumbie
  • Doug Barge
  • Marcus Bethay
  • Peg Fox
  • Bobby Hilton
  • Chara Jackson
  • Raven Jackson
  • Jack Martin
  • Mel Otten
  • Mitchell Phelps
  • James Schwab
  • KZ Smith
  • Terri Theetge
  • Charlene Ventura

UC Administration

  • S. Gregory Baker
  • Robin Engel
  • James Whalen

CAC Members Not in Attendance

  • Marcus Bethay
  • Mike Ealy
  • Aaron Greenlea
  • Dolores Learnmonth
  • Ennis Tait
This table lists topics discussed at the meeting that need further action taken, the name of the person responsible for completing the action and the date that the action needs to be completed.
Action Items Responsible Person(s) Due Date
Post minutes of 7/14/16 meeting to website Engel/Morris 7/22/16
Send Exiger presentation to CAC Morris 7/22/16
Next Meeting is Tuesday, August 23rd, 5:00-7:00 PM, University Pavilion 320
All 8/23/16


Judge John West

  • Welcomed everyone and thanked them for being flexible with the date change. Introduction of new CAC member, Mitchell Phelps. Mr. Phelps is the new Student Body President, replacing Andrew Naab. Introduced special guests, Rob Richardson, Chairperson UC Board of Trustees, Dr. Beverly Davenport, UC Interim President; Anthony Carter, UC Chief of Police and Maris Herold, UC Assistant Chief of Police.
  • Per decision made at June CAC meeting, Jeff Schlanger with Exiger returned to answer any question CAC members may have after reviewing Exiger’s final report.

Exiger Final Report - Q&A

Jeff Schlanger, Managing Director and President Exiger Advisory

  • Discussed reasons for not recommending residency requirements for UC police officers.
    • Residency would be difficult to define since the University supports several communities.
    • Having a residency requirement is not always a strategy that departments use due to the fact that certain areas have very expensive housing and civil employees cannot always afford to live in the area they work.
    • Greg Baker noted that the search committee had hoped to have candidates with familiarity of Cincinnati and surrounding area, but it was not a stipulation.
  • Discussed the need for police department to be equipped with Conductive Energy Devices (brand name, Taser).
    • Documented instances where the use of Tasers saved lives.
    • Evidence is clear regarding the reduction of injuries to both the suspect and police officers when Tasers are available.
    • Dr. Otten noted that as an ER doctor, there is a significant reduction in injury to suspects after use of Tasers was in place for restraining suspects.
    • Chief Carter added if officers are provided with another method to control a situation without physical contact and less lethal means, it is going to save lives and reduce injuries.
    • Training is paramount to reintroducing Tasers and the use of Tasers in any department. Monitoring agents must also be in place prior to reintroducing their use.
    • Discussions must be had with the community, Board of Trustees, and Everette Howard’s family prior to moving forward with this recommendation from the Exiger report.
  • Discussed recommendation of inclusiveness.
    • Goal is to have a department that represents the community it serves. Efforts have been made since Exiger arrived and will continue to improve with current leadership and mission of UCPD.
    • Extensive training of officers is also needed to ensure officers can work with citizens of various races, cultures, etc.
  • Discussed patrolling off-campus. No recommendation was provided in the Exiger report on this issue. Off-campus patrolling was used to protect university community members when off campus. It has been shown to be an effective crime deterrent. Exiger did recommend that traffic stops off-campus should not be used as a crime fighting method.
  • Judge West asked members if there were any areas in the report that should not be recommended. Members stated they agreed with all recommendations.

Goals for Reform Effort

Dr. Engel

  • Dr. Robin Engel discussed goals moving forward based on the report from Exiger. UCPD leadership met and reviewed substantive areas of the report. Based on area of expertise, leadership has divided up into groups, with a team lead in place; they will begin to create an implementation plan for their specific area.
  • Six Substantive Areas include (CAC Presentation - Pages 5-10):
    • #1 – Policies and Procedures. Exiger report fundamental findings addressed in #1-14. Team Lead: Jim Whalen
    • #2 – Training. Exiger report fundamental findings addressed in #1-14. Team Lead: Colonel Maris Herold
    • #3 – Performance and Conduct Measures. Exiger report fundamental findings addressed in #1-14. Team Leads: Captain Dudley Smith and Dr. Robin Engel
    • #4 – Diversity UCPD through Recruitment, Hiring, Promotion & Retention. Exiger report fundamental findings addressed in #1, 4 & 14. Team Lead: Chief Anthony Carter
    • #5 – Community Engagement. Exiger report fundamental findings addressed in #1, 12 & 14. Team Lead: Director S. Gregory Baker
    • #6 – Data Systems, Technology & Equipment. Exiger report fundamental findings addressed in #1, 4, 6, 7, 13 & 14. Team Lead: Dr. Robin S. Engel

Wrap Up

Judge West

  • Dr. Engel asked Judge West and other members if there is anything else they think the University, Safety & Reform or Public Safety can do leading up to the trial and in the near future to rebuild trust. 
    • Members discussed perceptions about trial outcome and various scenarios and thanked the departments for all they are doing to encourage peace and safety during this time.
  • Meeting was adjourned by Judge West.

July 14, 2016

External Monitorship

  • Overview of different types of monitoring was provided (CAC Presentation - Pages 11-21).
  • When recommendations are being implemented and then monitored, it builds trust within the community.
  • University is creating a new path for voluntary reform and the role of external monitoring in our voluntary reform effort will be discussed in greater detail in subsequent meetings.

July 14, 2016


Judge West, BoT Chairperson, Rob Richardson and Interim President, Dr. Beverly Davenport

Judge West asked the question – This is a voluntary effort, with voluntary reform. What commitment from the university is there to ensure this effort is fully supported by the university?

  • Chairperson Richardson discussed the Board of Trustees being committed to the community. Stressed the need for an individual community complaint process, implicit bias training, UCPD to be following the six substantive areas and become the example for universities around the country. There must be clear and concise policies for the officers to follow. BoT is meeting in August to vote on adopting the recommendations and discussing hopefully fully funding the efforts. He cannot commit to the resources at this time.
  • Dr. Davenport thanked everyone for their commitment to the CAC and the university. She especially thanked the students who are volunteering for such an important effort. Discussed how the safety meetings have changed since her coming to UC. Applauded the CAC, Safety and Reform and UCPD leadership for the in-depth meeting. Noted that in the past year, the university has hired an outside company to review the department, and brought in new leadership. Noted that UC administration has the will for reform, and will commit the resources to implement these recommendations upon approval of the Board. The university will make sure that we use our resources properly to ensure these the reform efforts are achieved.

Wrap Up

Judge West

Pastor Smith discussed upcoming on-campus Interfaith Unity Vigil, scheduled for Tuesday, July 19th on the one year anniversary of the shooting death of Samuel DuBose. The vigil will be held on UC campus on the Campus Green lawn area.

Future Meetings

  • Tuesday, August 23, 2016 from 5:00 -7:00 PM in 320 University Pavilion
  • Tuesday, September 27, 2016 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM in 320 University Pavilion