Public Safety

March 10, 2020

Safety & Reform Community Compliance Council


Welcome, Administrative Matters and Introduction of Guests

Judge John West

Burglary Project Review

Crime Analyst Michael Zidar

UCPD Status Update

Chief Maris Herold, Director James Whalen, Assistant Chief Dudley Smith

  1. Internal Investigations and Uses of Force
  2. Exiger's List of 101
  3. UCPD Equipment & Personnel

Mentorship Initiative

Captain Rodney Carter, Unit Operations Coordinator Kimberly Willis

Administrative Matters

Director James Whalen

Future Meeting Schedule

Judge John West



Bishop Bobby Hilton
James Whalen
Michael Zidar
Gregory Baker
Dudley Smith
Christopher Smitherman
Edward Koen
Rodney Carter
David Hoffman
Kennerly Newlin
Terri Theetge
Jeffrey Thompson
Maris Herold
Jason Cooper
Peg Fox
Charles Kubicki

Welcome, Administrative Matters and Introduction of Guests

Judge John West

Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman
Jason Cooper, Division Manager, Office of the City Manager
Hamilton County Judge Charles Kubicki
President and CEO Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio

Vice Mayor Smitherman is honored and humbled to attend CCC meeting and has a tremendous amount of respect for the Administration. Mr. Smitherman is aware of all of the great work on behalf of President Pinto and the UC student body and is anxious to hear about more good work done her at the University.

Burglary Reduction Initiative - See presentation

It appears that as a result of our extensive efforts (directed patrols, community engagement, etc.) in the neighborhood south of campus over the holiday break, burglaries in the CSR (Concentration of Student Residents) area overall dropped 40% from the holiday break last year. Next steps for this ongoing initiative include:

  • Continuing directed patrols during identified time periods
  • Creating a block ambassadors program where student ambassadors would facilitate communication with their neighbors about risks and how to avoid them
  • Working to cut back trees that are blocking lights; Chief Herold to communicate with Mayor’s office identifying area with blocks etc.
  • Increasing messaging (including to parents) about times when burglaries have spiked in the past
  • Partnering with the Cincinnati Landlord Education Program

Exiger's List of 101 - See presentation

When Exiger, our external monitor, left us, they left a list of 101 recommendations for UCPD to govern with 63 action items. 62 of those are either complete or ongoing (as part of routine inspections). Only one remains unfinished. The remaining item relates to a 911 system and should be completed when UCIT completes the VoIP telephone system upgrade that is already underway.

Axon Camera Update - See presentation

Assistant Chief Dudley Smith, Lieutenant Mark Zacharias

The CCC got to see the new Axon Signal Sidearm device (which activates the officer's body-worn camera any time their sidearm is drawn) demonstrated. They also learned about the new body-worn (Axon Body 3) and in-car (Axon Fleet 2) cameras and how we store video evidence in the cloud.

Personnel Changes

As you likely already know, Chief Herold will be taking the position of Chief in Boulder, CO. The CCC expressed what a pleasure it has been to work with her and their appreciation for the important work she has led us through. Director Whalen will serve as the Chief once Chief Herold leaves. UCPD also shared that Lt. McMahon and Sgt. Martin were promoted, and that we hired George Anokye as a police officer.

Items of Interest

  • The Department of Public Safety's mentoring program is up and running. We have nine mentors mentoring twelve students from Corryville Catholic. The group meets bi-monthly.  Please see power point slides
  • Updates to the memorandum of understanding between the Cincinnati Police Department and UCPD are still in the works.
  • UCPD has received our accreditation from the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA).

Future Meeting Schedule

Judge John West

  • Advised that the next CCC meeting will be in three months; 
  • Meeting adjourned