Public Safety

February 6, 2018

Safety & Reform Community Advisory Council


Welcome and Administrative Matters

Dr. Otten – Faculty Representative Term Expiring

Judge John A. West, Chairman

Maris Herold Promoted to Serve as New Police Chief

Dr. Robin S. Engel, Vice President for Safety and Reform

Second Bi-Annual Report of the Independent Monitor for the UC Police Division – Exiger

Jeff Schlanger, Exiger; Denise Lewis, Exiger; Roberto Villasenor, Exiger

General Discussion

Judge West; Dr. Robin Engel; S. Gregory Baker, Police Community Relations, UCPD

Next Meeting

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM in 320 University Pavilion



CAC Members

  • Judge John West, Chair
  • Eric Abercrumbie
  • Doug Barge
  • Yasmin Chilton
  • Bashir Emlemdi
  • Peg Fox
  • Bobby Hilton
  • Chara Fisher Jackson
  • Jack Martin
  • Terri Theetge
  • Charlene Ventura

UC Administration

  • Gregory Baker
  • Robin Engel
  • Maris Herold
  • Bleuzette Marshall
  • James Whalen

CAC Members Not in Attendance

  • Branden Boseman
  • Mike Ealy
  • Aaron Greenlea
  • Mel Otten
  • KZ Smith
  • Ennis Tait
This table lists topics discussed at the meeting that need further action taken, the name of the person responsible for completing the action and the date that the action needs to be completed.
Action Items Responsible Person(s) Due Date
Post minutes of 2/6/18 meeting to website Engel/Morris 2/28/18

Welcome and Administrative Matters

Judge John West, Chairman and Dr. Robin S. Engel, VP for Safety & Reform

Judge West provided welcome.

  • Judge West noted that Dr. Mel Otten’s one-year term as the faculty representative to the CAC has expired. The new faculty representative selected by the Faculty Senate is Dr. Ken Davis.
  • Judge West met with President Pinto regarding the future of the CAC. Judge West would like to consider the role, scope, and organizational structure of the CAC moving forward, with an emphasis toward insure compliance. An in-depth discussion regarding the future of the CAC will be addressed in subsequent meetings.
  • Judge West asked the members to let him know their willingness to extend their commitment to the CAC, as the original agreement was to serve for two years. He will also seek input regarding the role and structure of the group.
  • It will also be important to consider the CAC positions that rotate annually, such as the Student Body President, Faculty, etc.


Dr. Robin Engel provided an update on the Board of Trustees Audit and Risk Management Committee Meeting.

  • Dr. Engel and Jeff Schlanger met with the Board of Trustees subcommittee earlier in the day. She noted she is especially proud that within one year of external monitorship, the UCPD is in full compliance of 66% of the 276 Exiger recommendations.
  • She thanked everyone for their work and progress with the reform efforts.

Monitorship Update

Jeff Schlanger, Exiger

Jeff Schlanger began with a news update regarding the Department of Justice withdrawing mandatory monitorships of police departments. This means that voluntary monitorship will be all the more important in the field of law enforcement. The City of San Francisco has recently decided to voluntarily place itself under monitorship.

He stressed that the work at UCPD is meaningful nationally. We are creating the model for voluntary police reform.

He noted that each CAC member received a copy of the biannual report executive summary that was submitted by Exiger. The full report is 300+ pages and is posted on the Public Safety website.

He thanks his team and Jennifer Cherkauskas for their work with this effort.

Provided Year 1 Summary (four quarters of monitorship)

  • Initial Assessment of 191 (69%) of the 276 Exiger Recommendations (ER) in the first year
  • 181 (66%) of 276 in Substantial Compliance
  • Ten (4%) of 276 ERs in Partial Compliance
  • 101 (37%) of 276 ERs require No Further Evaluation
  • 236 Total Assessments occurred (45 ERs were assessed more than once)
  • 42 ERs, to include 17 initial assessments, are currently being evaluated in Q5
  • In second half of monitorship, Exiger will start assessing progress with all recommendations. Including those where UCPD has not yet indicated they are ready to assess.

Some items of note:

  • No officer-initiated off-campus traffic stops since April 2017.
  • No Uses of Force since January 2017.
  • Resignation of Police Chief and appointment of Interim Police Chief Maris Herold. Now permanent promotion of Maris Herold as UCPD Police Chief.
  • Reintroduced Tasers as a less-lethal Use of Force option in September 2017.
  • Continued efforts to achieve IACLEA certification.
  • Overhaul of the Guardian Tracking System for use as an Early Warning and Intervention System.
  • Continued robust training schedule to include Use of Force, Live Qualification and Simulator for Firearms, Tasers, Critical Intervention Team, Crowd Control, and others.
  • Technology and equipment advances including In-Car Video System and Equipment Tracker.
  • Process of filling position for internal inspections supervisor is underway. The Crime Analyst position has been filled.


Judge John West; S. Gregory Baker, Dir. Police Community Relations, UCPD; Dr. Robin Engel; Chief of Police, Maris Herald, UCPD

Exiger will be at the May 2018 CAC meeting to provide a quarterly update.

Police Chief Maris Herold invited members to attend an upcoming Promotion Ceremony on February 14 @ 10 a.m. to honor Sergeant William Richey’s promotion to Police Lieutenant, and Officer Jennifer McMahon’s promotion to Police Sergeant.

Dr. Engel provided an update on the UCPD uniform project. DAAP Professors submitted a paper regarding this project and have been accepted for presentation at a prestigious fashion design conference in Limerick, Ireland in June 2018.

Director Greg Baker discussed upcoming opportunities that Public Safety is co-sponsoring with the Office of Equity and Inclusion. He asked interested members to contact him via email to confirm availability.

  • Urban League Luncheon – February 9 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • African American Alumni Affiliate Onyx and Ruby Gala – February 24 from 6 – 10 p.m.
Future Meeting
  • Tuesday, March 6, 2018 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM in 320 University Pavilion