Public Safety

September 26, 2017

Safety & Reform Community Advisory Council


Welcome and Administrative Matters

Judge John A. West, Chairman

UCPD Safety & Reform Update

Dr. Robin S. Engel, Vice President for Safety and Reform and S. Gregory Baker, Director of Police Community Relations, UCPD

Exiger Semi-Annual Report to the Community

Jeff Schlanger, Exiger; Denise Lewis, Exiger; Roberto Villasenor, Exiger

Community Forum: Questions/Answers/Discussion

Director Baker

Next Meeting

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM in 320 University Pavilion



CAC Members

  • Judge John West, Chair
  • Doug Barge
  • Branden Boseman
  • Peg Fox
  • Dolores Learmonth
  • Jack Martin
  • Mel Otten
  • KZ Smith

UC Administration

  • Gregory Baker
  • Anthony Carter
  • Robin Engel
  • Maris Herold
  • Bleuzette Marshall
  • James Whalen

CAC Members Not in Attendance

  • Eric Abercrumbie
  • Yasmin Chilton
  • Mike Ealy
  • Bashir Emlemdi
  • Aaron Greenlea
  • Bobby Hilton
  • Chara Fisher Jackson
  • Ennis Tait
  • Terri Theetge
  • Charlene Ventura
This table lists topics discussed at the meeting that need further action taken, the name of the person responsible for completing the action and the date that the action needs to be completed.
Action Items Responsible Person(s) Due Date
Post minutes of 9/26/17 meeting to website Engel/Morris 10/31/17

Welcome and Administrative Matters

Judge John West, Chairman

Judge West welcomed everyone, noting UCPD and CPD officers in attendance, including Chief Isaac. Asked CAC members to introduce themselves.

  • Judge West presented Doloris Learmonth with a letter from UC President, Neville Pinto and a token of appreciation for her service on the CAC.
  • Doloris responded stating it was an honor and pleasure to serve and assist the university at this time. Discussed how she enjoyed working the CAC members.

Safety & Reform Update

Dr. Robin S. Engel, Vice President for Safety & Reform; S. Gregory Baker, Director Police Community Relations, UCPD

Forum hosted approximately 85 community members.

Dr. Engel thanked everyone for attending and added a special thank you to the CAC members, explaining that members attend monthly meetings and work on various sub-committees during the month as well. Welcomed all faculty, staff and students as well as Public Service Representatives in attendance. Thanked everyone for their patience and willingness to participate as partners during the reform phase.

Director Baker thanked everyone for the opportunity to reform, provided update. Acknowledged elected officers in attendance, Kelley, Thomas Driehaus, thanked UC administration for their assistance during the reform efforts, to Greg Vehr and Lauren White for attending the forum. A special thank you to Mike Bohn, Athletic Director, for his financial assistance associated with a new location for the annual Peace Bowl this past August.

Dr. Engel commended UCPD officers for being open to changes. They have been receptive to new policies and procedures, stressing the fact that this is a voluntary reform effort.

  • All changes are based on the six core principles, and will be the central work of the police department moving forward.
  • Department will use evidence based statistics to guide these practices. The CAC members worked with UCPD leadership to evaluate these practices.
  • A new Citizen Complaint process has been put into place. Complaints can be made to any staff member, through social media, etc. Department is open to comments, take complaints or compliments from every source.
    • External Monitor is reviewing complaints as well.
    • Internal tracking serves as an early warning system for patterns in practices.

Exiger Semi-Annual report to the Community

Jeff Schlanger, Exiger; Roberto Villasenor, Exiger; Denise Lewis, Exiger

Exiger team introduced themselves and discussed their experience in external monitorship.

Jeff explained that a much larger team of experts was on-site for the original review of department and that team made 276 recommendations.

Discussed how the university has stepped up to ensure best practices are placed into action.

Monitor reports to Board of Trustees, required to present a quarterly update to the BoT Audit and Risk Management Committee.

Provided a presentation which will be posted for review.

Discussion with Community

Judge West; Dr. Engel; Director Baker

Discussion with community.

Judge West called meeting to a close.

Future Meeting
  • Tuesday, November 28, 2017 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM in 320 University Pavilion