Public Safety

September 27, 2016

Safety & Reform Community Advisory Council



Judge John A. West

  1. Administrative
  2. Membership
  3. Future Meetings

UCPD Hiring Process

Anthony Carter, Chief of Police, UCPD

  1. Process Update
  2. Legal Opinion re: Placement (recruitment) Goals

UCPD Mission Development Update

Chief Carter

Monitor Update

Dr. Robin Engel, VP for Safety and Reform

  1. Update on Selection/Hiring
  2. Role of CAC with Monitor

Campus, Community and Police Relations

Dr. Engel
S. Gregory Baker, Dir. of Police Community Relations
James Whalen, Dir. of Public Safety

  1. Operational Plans
  2. Communication Plans
  3. Community Engagement
  4. Campus Engagement
  5. Safety & Wellness

Wrap Up

Judge West

Next meeting:

  • Board of Trustees Meeting, October 18, 2016
  • Tuesday, October 25, 2016 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM in 320 University Pavilion
  • Tuesday, November 22, 2016 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM in 320 University Pavilion



CAC Members

  • Judge John West, Chairman 
  • Eric Abercrumbie 
  • Doug Barge 
  • Marcus Bethay 
  • Chara Fisher Jackson 
  • Peg Fox 
  • Raven Jackson 
  • Bobby Hilton 
  • Dolores Learmonth 
  • Jack Martin 
  • Mel Otten
  • James Schwab 
  • KZ Smith 
  • Ennis Tait 
  • Terri Theetge 
  • Charlene Ventura  

UC Administration

  • S. Gregory Baker 
  • Tony Carter 
  • Robin Engel 
  • Maris Herold 
  • Bleuzette Marshall 
  • James Whalen

CAC Members Not in Attendance

  • Mike Ealy 
  • Aaron Greenlea 
  • Mitchell Phelps
This table lists topics discussed at the meeting that need further action taken, the name of the person responsible for completing the action and the date that the action needs to be completed.
Action Items Responsible Person(s) Due Date
Post minutes of 9/27/16 meeting to website Engel/Morris 10/24/16
Next Meeting is Tuesday, October 25th, 5:00-7:00 PM, University Pavilion 320
All 10/25/16


Judge John West

Welcomed everyone and thanked them for being there. Introduction of members. Members agreed on new date for November meeting, due to the Thanksgiving holiday – the November meeting will be held the third Tuesday of the month - November 15, 2016.

UCPD Hiring Process Update (Col. Carter)

  • Chief Carter discussed current hiring status of various openings at the UCPD. 
    • Captain – applications will be accepted from inside UCPD and outside of the department. 
    • Lieutenant – will be promoting two current Sergeants from within UCPD to fill vacancies. 
    • Sergeants – As two Sergeants are promoted to Lieutenant, there will be two openings for Sergeant positions for current UCPD (ULEO) officers to be promoted. 
    • Police Officer (ULEO) and Apprentice Rank – currently have 120 applicants on file. Many are old applications. This list will be closed and a letter will be sent to each officer stating if still interested they will need to reapply for the positions. 
    • Security Officers - reviewed applications and are moving forward with hiring.
  • Dr. Robin Engel provided a handout regarding hiring practices and goals for the University of Cincinnati. 
    • UCPD will work directly with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access and the Office of Inclusion and Equity to ensure that we have appropriate placement goals and adequate information to ensure that these goals are realistic and reachable. 
    • If goals are not met, the position will stay open until we receive the applicants necessary to reach that goal.